Here’s how the 80s influenced architectural styles, giving you ideas and inspiration to furnish your home, especially the living room. We will guide you with many ideas in the design of your living room with a vintage feel.

The colourful, eccentric and unforgettable80s left a strong imprint and gave birth to unique and inimitable artistic currents, movements and styles. The style of the 80s is not only evident in fashion, music and art. The architecture was also heavily influenced. We want to talk to you about this unique style and how it can be revived and reinterpreted in your living room today. Here are some ideas, colorful and particular.


Thearchitecture of the 1980s and the interior design style of those years is called postmodern. It began to spread in the late 70s,focusing on eccentricity, provocative themes and hybrid styles, drawing inspiration from multiple currents.

The 80s are a huge container of events, politics and architectural movements go hand in hand, evolving, hand in hand, into something very complex and passionate.

The strong identity of the thought of those years, in fact, between emancipation and reinforcement ofindividual identity, becomes the hot topic also in art and design.

These were the years in which pop culture was born and established itself, made up of innovation, colour and inspiration. How did the 80s influence furniture? Let’s see in detail the points from which to draw inspiration to set in this style the living room.



The basic rule is: no rules. A first very reassuring observation on the style of the 80s for the living room is that there is no suitable colour palette. All tones are allowed, in the most absurd and vivid contrasts so as to result, almost, in the kitsch style.

Very bright colours, including fluorescent colours, are preferred for this style.

Imagine working out your living room like the strip in a comic book, where all the colours really take centre stage and you don’t need to look out for colour consistency or recall between related tones.

In this style you can combine deep red, fuchsia, blinding yellow and light blue and the result will be crazy.


To create a living room that embodies the revolutionary, eccentric and original spirit of the 80’s you can focus on a few pieces of furniture .


The 1980s saw the birth of pop art, whose exponents overturned classical themes, proposing bold and avant-garde subjects and artistic elements. It’s not just about particular designs or prints, 80s style paintings hide a strong and clear message. Sometimes they talk about revolution towards the most prominent times in those years, such as commercial slavery dictated by advertisements, or they deal with themes such as self-determination and getting out of the schemes preset by society.

The paintings are almost always abstract, where once again the color is the protagonist and hides a more or less explicit meaning, sometimes interpretable according to different interpretations. Let’s think of the famous Fontana who is still a reference artist, with his canvases slashed as if to demonstrate a rebellion against conformity.

Green light to multi-coloured canvases and prints. The living room will shine in its own light.


Also as far as furniture is concerned, the 80s created a glimpse of styles and tastes. The main models used for living rooms in those years can be agglomerated into two groups:

  • furniture of the classical heritage
  • furniture born of experimentation.

In the first case we refer to all the furniture present in most living rooms, heavy and rich, with its soft but imposing shapes .

In the second case, we are talking about all those pieces of furniture and concepts born from theuse of new plastic materials, from eccentric upholstery, from furnishing elements that are more aesthetic than functional.

In these years armchairs with unusual seats, design lamps and extravagant decorative elements began to become popular.

Everything manages to find a place in these over-the-top living rooms.


A great attention deserves the 80’s style upholstery for the living room. It certainly doesn’ t go unnoticed. Anabundance of fantasy and extravagance is the order of the day. Inevitable when society decides to mark individual identity, not to have consequences also on the way of conceiving fabrics for one’s home.

Just as today we prefer neutral and essential colours, in the 80s everything was an explosion of colour. For this reason, it is a good idea to choose rich upholstery with floral, geometric or artistic motifs and use it to cover every single detail, from chairs to sofas, passing through curtains and lamps.


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