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How to choose the best air conditioning system for a 2-story house and understand how many air conditioners to install in the apartment. What to know, how to proceed.

If you are already thinking about summer, inevitably the main thought will have been the great heat that awaits you in the months of June, July and August. To avoid this imminent danger, you need to leave well in advance to be able to air-condition your home without having to do all the work with anxiety and stress close to the hot season.

However, some problems may arise if you live in a two-story house. In order not to create unnecessary and annoying temperature changes between one floor and another, it is time to understand how to air-condition both floors in the best way.


Although the instinct is to go to a specialized store and buy the first air conditioner you come across, it is important to follow some general recommendations.

For example, we will have to check the fixtures in your home with extreme accuracy, on both floors. In fact, if they are not in good condition, they could disperse the coolness created by the air conditioner, making you waste money unnecessarily.

In addition, it is also good to study the arrangements of the rooms that we want to air-condition. For example, if the rooms of greater permanence, such as the living room or bedroom, are located on the lower floor, they may be warmer, therefore they will require a more powerful air conditioner. On the contrary, the upper floor could house the kitchen and the bathroom or the guest bedroom and therefore require an even less powerful model.

Finally, consider the stairs. For example, if they are in a strategic position with respect to the premises, managing to reach all the rooms, you might think of placing the air conditioner right on the wall of the stairs. In this way, you will not have an exaggerated temperature difference between the two environments.


Let’s start by saying that the air conditioner is usually composed of two units: one is external, the one we see outside the windows, on the walls of the buildings or on the roofs; the other is the internal one, called split.

Usually, these fixed air conditioners have a monosplit, therefore only one unit in the home environment. However, there are dual split or multi slipt air conditioners that have two or more units in the house and that connect to a more powerful outdoor unit.

This solution could allow you to use a single outdoor unit for both floors of your home, being able to take advantage of the cold air without damaging the outside too much.

Consider, however, that fixed air conditioners, especially at the beginning, could represent a considerable cost. In fact, not only will you have to buy the air conditioner, but also hire a company that knows how to install them.


Having a house that distributes the rooms on two floors means having a lot of space available. This space, however, must be air-conditioned in a fairly homogeneous way, otherwise, if we change the temperature quickly, we will have annoying sensations.

For this reason, we can put the air conditioner in the hallway of the stairs, so as to circulate enough air on the two levels. But be careful: if you have a narrow entrance hall that is not well connected but has very little space, you will not have to install the air conditioner. In this case, in fact, the fresh air may not circulate adequately, but stop and bounce between the walls of the stairs.

Otherwise, we could choose one room per floor which will be the one designated to accommodate the split. It should be well connected to the others, so that they can benefit from the cold air flow coming from the main rooms.


Portable air conditioners can be an excellent alternative to fixed air conditioners. You could, in fact, buy two, so as to divide them on each floor without necessarily bringing them up and down continuously.

Portable air conditioners usually need a pipe with passage to the outside through a window, thus making them anchored to open spaces. However, there are tubeless air conditioners that could cool rooms in the same way.

They are very modern elements, which can be adjusted very easily. Moreover, being quite recent as a conception, they have an energy class that will allow you to save considerably. The ability to move them and accompany you in the various rooms in order to have the desired climate.

Finally, they are particularly convenient if the condominium rules prevent installing the fixed air conditioner units outside.

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To prevent the air conditioner from finishing its work too soon, it is advisable to carry out maintenance at least once a year, especially before the arrival of summer.

However, usually an air conditioner should be changed if its noise becomes too loud and annoying, or if its temperature changes very quickly. Generally, therefore, an air conditioner could last 7/8 years, also depending on the type of maintenance done during its operation.

Therefore, if you have purchased fixed air conditioners, keep the splits clean and call for assistance regularly.


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