The new furnishing trends place more and more attention on materials that enhance a minimalist and functional design. Aluminum and its alloys change the image of the average home, bringing style, practicality and modernity.

Behind the idea of home, multiple meanings take root that intertwine, tell stories that come to life within the home. Stories that speak of comfort, elegance, solidity and continuity.

Just like aluminum, a material that essentially embodies the simplest idea of high-tech and innovation.

The concept of time so deep and rooted in the domestic dimension finds its ally in aluminum: a resistant, solid and recyclable material.

Aluminum, in fact, together with its alloys, is a material that, if skillfully integrated into the furnishings, gives the home a very modern industrial style.

But if aluminum is often associated with elements of casing, contemporary furniture trends push for its increasingly creative use.

From bookcases, to shelves, to chairs and sofas, to merely decorative elements, aluminum has invaded all environments with all its practical flair.

In fact, in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the bathroom and in the living room, aluminum feels comfortable anywhere and in any context.

In outdoor furniture structures, aluminum alloys are preferred, even more resistant to erosion agents as rust can be.

The furniture elements also undergo a painting process. The latter, in addition to further protecting aluminum from the elements and the wear and tear of time, also give a more elegant and character touch.

Designing interiors and exteriors designed in aluminum, contributes to creating original and functional environments, capable of maintaining their value unaltered over time.

In short, an economic investment as well as a purely aesthetic choice.


Contrary to popular belief, aluminum is a new metal, discovered only a little over 100 years ago.

Although this element is found in unlimited quantities on our planet, it is very difficult to obtain it in free form.

In fact, this explains why in the past it was seen as a precious metal, with a value higher than gold.

When aluminum was discovered, it was really a challenge to separate it from the earth’s crust in which it was integrated and, consequently, it was the most difficult chemical element to obtain.


Aluminum is a very resistant metal and not very subject to corrosion. It is also very light, silvery white in color, ductile and malleable.

In the air it is covered with a layer of oxide and acts as a protective against atmospheric agents. It dissolves easily to acids and bases, in fact it is not very hard and tenacious.

In ancient times it was considered a precious metal like gold, since its presence in nature is rare. Subsequently, in the last two hundred years the processing methods have allowed to produce aluminum in another way.

So much so that aluminum is used to create fixtures, windows, cans of drinks and sheets for storing food. To these are added garden furniture, lamps, frames and some furnishing accessories.

Obviously before being coated, this material undergoes various processes with its alloys. The latter are treated or added with appropriate elements to improve their technical characteristics and performance. Among them we find zinc, magnesium, copper, silicon and manganese.

Each material will give the alloy different characteristics. The specific treatments (galvanizing, fire painting), are used to make the material more resistant to bad weather and external atmospheric agents. In fact, for this reason both indoor and outdoor furniture are made.


What led the great designers to choose aluminum to create furniture and furnishing accessories to be inserted in our homes?

Undoubtedly the qualities of aluminum itself, a material that in addition to combining lightness and sustainability proves easy to model while still being resistant to the passage of time.

This perfect mix of quality has allowed its use in the world of furniture as evidenced by the many furniture made for both interiors and exteriors.

Simple and harmonious therefore aluminum, will certainly be chosen by those users whose tastes are oriented towards simple and minimal lines.

In fact, when left raw it can give the industrial aspect, widely used in Nordic design, when colored it is a versatile material that offers solutions for different needs.

Finally, its resistance to temperatures and bad weather also makes it an excellent and durable material for outdoors.

Aluminum also means practicality and not only design. In fact, the lightness of aluminum will make even the most cumbersome furniture easy to move if you decide to change their position but also simply clean them.



The first step in making the style of the house particular is to furnish the kitchen. Adding furniture and accessories made of aluminum.

The latter can be of different shapes and types, but it is essential to place them in a functional way. We start by choosing kitchen furniture, which does not necessarily have to be all of the same material.

That is, you can decide to furnish the central part with lacquered furniture, while the aluminum container columns are added to the sides. Finally, to top it all off with bright shelves.

Finally, the table must be large and functional and at the same time stable and safe. For this reason you can also choose aluminum, combining the chairs of the same material.


As far as the furnishings of the living room are concerned, today the aluminum furniture market has made numerous products available.

In fact you can find: equipped walls, tables and accessories of all kinds. Starting with desk lamps, chandeliers and spotlights that can be placed in any environment. The latter useful to illuminate the room and give a modern touch.

Finally, it is possible to combine eclectic modular and modular bookcases, able to meet the needs of young people, simple, functional and long-lasting.


If the bedroom is large enough, the ideal is to furnish it with aluminum. In this regard, corners of comfort and practicality can be created easily and cheaply. To make the most of all the space in the room.

In addition, the wardrobe can be taken in aluminum, but with the interior covered in wood. While the bed should be chosen according to your tastes. Obviously combining it with bedside tables and chest of drawers strictly with aluminum foil.


Finally, among the garden furniture made with aluminum, we find the complete sets of tables and chairs, gazebos, benches, garden arches and also some fences.

Its malleability allows to obtain sophisticated processes with curls and decorations of all kinds, which makes it suitable for many types of processing.

Even garden lights, such as street lamps and headlights, are often made of aluminum, in order to guarantee strength and low weight.


100% recyclable, aluminum is reinvented multiple times in the most varied uses. In fact, whatever the function to be performed, it is enough to equip yourself with a little creativity to bring a breath of fresh air to your home.

With an aluminum can it is possible to create unique and also simple to make and above all functional furniture components. In fact, you can create “do it yourself” from candle holders to lanterns, plant pots, wallpaper and coatings to re-evaluate old furniture.

Thanks to its virtuous circle, this intelligent material makes each house unique in its simplicity.


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