Today we are going to discover an increasingly trendy element in our kitchens: the American fridge. Let’s find out why there is so much enthusiasm for this product and the advantages over a traditional refrigerator.

Therefore, capacity and cutting-edge design are the main features of American fridges. In fact, they are a very useful solution when there are many at home and there is no lack of space.

In fact, American refrigerators are large and characterized by the presence of a double door: one reserved for the fridge compartment and the other for the freezer. For this reason they are also called side by side.


But what are the features of an American refrigerator? Here are the most useful ones.

Space. One of the advantages offered by American refrigerators is the possibility to count on a very large capacity, also as regards the foods to be frozen. One of the limitations of traditional refrigerators is in fact to have a very small and not very usable freezer;

The ice dispenser. Usually integrated into the refrigerator door, the ice dispenser is also a characteristic feature of American refrigerators. It allows, with a simple gesture, to add ice cubes to your drinks without making any effort and in no time;

Alarm. Another useful tool provided by these refrigerators is the alarm system that warns when a door remains open or when the temperature is changing rapidly;

Frost-free system. This function instead allows you to avoid the formation of frost in the fridge and ice inside the freezer. In this way it will be possible to say goodbye to the boring periodic defrosting operations;

Vacation function. Some American refrigerator models also have a system that allows you to keep the freezer running and turn off the refrigerator in case of long-term absences;

Energy saving. Finally, if you thought that a refrigerator of this type consumes a lot, you will have to change your mind. In fact, most of them are Class A and therefore oriented towards lower energy consumption.



You know those American kitchens? In the common imagination (but also in reality), an American kitchen almost always has a large 4-door refrigerator inside, covered with post-its and photos on the front wall.

After all, American families need a lot of space to store the large quantities of food they buy and consume on average. As a result, a tiny fridge is not a solution that suits their needs. The American fridge is becoming a “fashion” in our country too, as an alternative to the classic and traditionally more popular free-standing models, but also to built-in refrigerators.


As I have already mentioned the American refrigerator also referred to as a side by side refrigerator. They are called this way because they have two doors placed next to each other, just like the doors of a wardrobe: on one side there is the refrigerator compartment, on the other the freezer. The two compartments are therefore not positioned in a column, one on top of the other as in traditional models, but are placed side by side.

There is a variant of this structure, represented by the so-called French Door refrigerators – of more recent diffusion. Compared to the two-door fridges we have just seen, there are four doors and the volumes are distributed differently: the two upper doors house the refrigerator shelves, while the two lower ones house the freezer shelves. In some models, the freezer area can contain two large drawers.



Beyond aesthetic taste, an American side-by-side refriger ator (as the American-style refrigerator is also called in a more “technical” way) meets very specific needs , related to theorganization of space, capacity, type of food storage, but also to eating and family habits .
I have already talked about the size of the American refrigerator: it is the exact opposite of a small refrigerator, as the width is usually more than 70 cm, the depth is greater than that of a combined model and the capacity often exceeds 400 liters.

You must therefore have a large enough space in your kitchen to install it. Of course, such a solution is ideal if you have a large family, which needs a great deal of capacity and a A well-organised and equipped space for storing both fresh and frozen food, especially if it is frozen. youdon’t shop for groceries on a daily basis, but you think in terms of weekly “stocks”.


What about the prices of an American refrigerator?

Of course they vary a lot depending on the brand and the functions present. In principle, however, we can say that a good side by side refrigerator, with all the “modern” classic functions, can start from 800 euros. You can get up to 1500 euros for those who add to the classic functions crystal shelves, LCD Touch Control Display and rapid freezing system.


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