Summer time, time of colors: why not energize your home decor with the color apricot? This color can be really stunning, especially when used in your bedroom.

Apricot is a vibrant but not overpowering shade of orange.

In the home it can be paired with light color tones such as straw yellow, pistachio green, peach, balancing the vibrancy of apricot.

Or made even more energetic and chic with strong colors like bark brown, fern green, aviation blue. Let’s see how to best adapt it to your bedroom.

In addition, the color apricot is associated with positive feelings in Eastern philosophy and in the field of color therapy.

The reference RGB code is:

  • RGB 255; 217; 178


To those who may object that apricot is a color that has already been seen, that is not very new and almost obsolete, we can object that it is precisely this “tradition” that is its strong point. A color to focus on so you don’t go wrong.

  • Pros: play it safe with apricot orange to create color harmonies or contrasts with the rest of the room. In both cases a choice that creates the right balance between architectural elements, walls and furniture.
  • Cons: to avoid that in the long run it may turn out to be an “anonymous” choice, we bet on the ceiling, painting it with a different color to obtain pleasant and strong contrasting effects.


But a bedroom area decorated in apricot also means thinking about furniture elements. In a modern environment it is well suited to a bookcase, or chairs, a puff container, but also a shiny table on which to place a few books, plants or various objects, such as a basket in which to put candy and chocolates for guests.

In a bedroom decorated in apricot color can not miss elements that recall the color, for example, flowers in vases, or floor lamps, a soft carpet on which to walk barefoot or lie down, and even porcelain vases. The environment will be extremely cozy and, of course, everything will be strictly in apricot color.

If you choose apricot-colored curtains, in the rest of the decor it is suggested to add a few calls of the same color. You could think of a gray bed and pillows that echo the color of the curtains. Generally speaking, the color pairs well with white; gold; cream; blue; red and green.


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