The attic, the dream of many: ideas and useful tips for furnishing an attic making the interior spaces exclusive and the furnishings of the outdoor terraces special.

The idea of living in an attic is certainly very suggestive and captivating. Many would like to have the opportunity to make this choice. Especially in large cities, this type of real estate solution is quite expensive, most of the time because combined with an attic there is a nice terrace. We know however that the possibilities can be the most varied. More or less large sizes, location within the city, more or less large terrace.

Furnishing an attic is certainly a stimulating challenge, for the interior designer who will have to deal with it, given the peculiarities of this type of home.

The penthouse certainly has unique characteristics compared to a normal apartment. In the first place it is located on the top floor of a building, its peculiarity is precisely this. It is usually placed at the top, on the top of the building and to be able to enjoy a splendid panorama. Another advantage of the penthouse is that it has no condominium above, gaining privacy. Further strengths to be enhanced in the interior furnishings of an attic are the high brightness of the apartment and the possibility of being able to enjoy a splendid terrace in peace.


Furnishing an attic is not simple, but given the different opportunities it provides, you can give free rein to your imagination and create wonderful spaces. Among the possible solutions, an idea could be to create a large open spacewhere to develop the living area. This especially if the square footage is contained. Large and open spaces accompanied by beautiful windows will increase the typical opening effect of an attic. You can play a lot with windows and large windows to give the brightness you want to your home.

Most often the apartments on the top floor have ceilings with different heights. You can take advantage of this opportunity to create interesting volume games, with large and low sofas or minimal furniture. You can also create custom-made furnishings, such as shelves, wardrobes or bookcases that enhance the different ceiling heights. A consideration also on the light points. A penthouse usually already enjoys a beautiful natural light especially if it has large windows and has at least one exposure on two sides. By virtue of this, the internal lighting must be well calibrated; you can opt for the use of lamps arranged in strategic points, limiting the use of large ceiling chandeliers.

As for the actual interior furnishings, you can follow your taste, as long as everything is uniform. The attic lends itself well to both classic and modern furnishings and in both cases it can be effective to insert an element of originality.



Many penthouses often offer the opportunity to take advantage of a terrace or balcony. The first strong point is that of not having other condominiums above, secondly a very wide view. Depending on the size of the terrace, you can create different areas. One to be furnished with comfortable sofas, perhaps another with a table where you can organize dinners with friends. If you have enough space you can also insert a barbecue or an outdoor kitchen. Pay attention to the materials, which must be suitable and resistant in order to remain outside even if you do not have a cover. Excellent materials for outdoors, to be used to furnish a terrace, are teak, rattan, steel and lava stone for splendid tables.

Whether it is to design the interior of an attic, or to furnish the exterior and the terrace, it is recommended to rely on an architect.



What you need to know to furnish an attic:

  • It is recommended to use modern-style furniture with the inclusion of design objects and furniture.
  • You prefer soft colors, such as white and shades of gray. If the attic is characterized by a ceiling with wooden beams, I suggest you paint them in white.
  • Do not use too dense furniture, use a few selected pieces and positioned in the right places so as to make it elegant and tidy.
  • It uses the mixture of cold materials such as glass and steel and other warmer ones such as wood that could be used for floors for example.
  • If the attic has long corridors, they can be used to create large built-in wardrobes integrated into the walls.
  • In the living area a large bookcase up to the ceiling, a design fireplace and a cozy sofa are inevitable elements in the furnishing of an attic.
  • To contrast the light colors used for the furnishings, insert some colored elements that embellish the whole and surprise the guests.
  • Living and sleeping areas must have chromatic and stylistic continuity whether the attic is developed on one floor or spread over several levels.
  • As often happens, the attic has a large terrace which must be furnished in continuity with the interior so that the interior and exterior connected by the large windows are continuous.


The above is intended to be, in general, an indication of the current trends in the furnishing of a design attic. The advice is to contact an interior designer who is able to design it ad hoc according to your style and your needs.


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