Furnishing an attic is not easy, as the slope of the roof poses constraints both in the choice of furniture and in the arrangement of the furnishings.

Everything is played on the conception and design of spaces to make them functional. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the suitable furniture that often consists in the use of wardrobes, furniture and partitions made to measure, which will be embedded in the slope of the attic.

This happens because the attic, not being able to be lived, will be useful as a space where to allocate all kinds of things, to better organize the necessary resources.


The main aspect of an attic is to have variable heights determined by the course of the slopes. For example, at the point of the ridge of the roof you will have the maximum height, while on the perimeter, at the eaves line, the minimum height.

For this reasonit is important to arrange the furniture in order to make the best use of all the angles, heights, niches that may be generated.

If, in fact, the perimeter does not reach 0, it is possible that there are windows. On the contrary, however, the house will take light only and exclusively from dormer windows or skylights, that is, from roof windows.

Furthermore, very often, if the attic was obtained from an ancient attic, exposed beams may be present. Usually these are river wood, therefore irregular, imperfect, but with a retro and elegant taste.

The beams can have the typical color of the essence of the wood used, or painted white to give greater brightness and, therefore, airiness to the premises.

But how best to enhance individual environments? Come arredarli, quali elementi scegliere e dove posizionarli?


The kitchen in the attic is certainly one of the most demanding environments to configure. In fact, due to its characteristics, the kitchen must be a comfortable and well-organized space.

For these reasons there must be worktops, household appliances and container furniture for dishes, pots and other tools.

Commonly, the kitchen has hanging furniture which is difficult to install in an attic with low perimeter heights. So it is advisable to have low, corner or better yet made-to-measure furniture that perfectly adapts to the space in which they are to be installed.

If, however, there is a wall of normal height, equal to about 2.70 m, the kitchen will have completely common characteristics.

In addition, all furniture factories to date allow for customization of the kitchen based on space and taste. So, just rely on the hands of industry experts to better configure the space.


With the same assumptions we furnish the living area of the attic. In fact, in the low portions the storage furniture can be arranged, in the higher areas the seating and table area.

Much attention must be paid to the choice of colors for all environments. In fact, to dilate the space both in height and in depth, it is advisable to adopt soft colors that give brightness. For example, white, beige, taupe with small hints of bright colors help to optically enlarge the space.

Even the adoption of upholstery or striped flooring with recurrences in the long sense of space gives greater breadth and sense of continuity.



In the attic bedrooms, the arrangement of the furniture will be even more conditioned by the heights than in the other spaces. In fact, the bed will be positioned in the lower part, while the wardrobes in the upper part.

The wardrobes must be custom-made if you want to make the most of the height of the space with doors that follow the shape of the roof pitch. In this way it will be possible to store clothes, accessories, objects, linens and anything else as necessary.

If you don’t have a trusted carpenter, many furniture companies offer a configurator with which you can customize your wardrobe directly online.


The bathroom in the attic must be studied to perfection in order to make the most of the available spaces here too. In fact, of course, the shower must be placed in the highest areas to be able to move and wash comfortably inside it.

Otherwise the tank can be placed in the lower areas. Instead, the sanitary ware and the washbasin should be placed in comfortable positions.

Here too, especially if we are in an environment of modest dimensions, it is important to choose light-colored wall tiles, ceramics and furnishings.


Here are the main secrets to furnish a complicated environment such as the attic. Its irregular layout obliges the home owner to have a clear idea of the attic furnishings even before the start of the works.

But it is not impossible, in fact just follow our advice and most of the work is done. Obviously then it’s up to you with your imagination and creativity to give the attic your personal touch!

So, what are you waiting for if not to do your best to revolutionize your attic?

total white attic furniture

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