It is said that bathrooms are the calling card of homes and looking at a bathroom can tell you a lot about the owner. This is probably true, as it is true that the first thing you notice in this room of the house is the bathroom cabinet, being this usually the most visible and most used element by everyone.

If it is true that the bathroom and in particular the bathroom cabinet have all this importance, then it is right that, in furnishing the house, particular attention should be paid to this area of the house and its main element: the bathroom cabinet.

There are really many different types of bathroom furniture: they vary according to size, materials, colors to the function they have: it can in fact be recessed, and in this case it should be borne in mind that the lower part of the cabinet will be partially occupied by the lower part of the sink or it can be a support and in this case the lower part of the furniture will be completely free.

Given the large variety of bathroom furniture in existence, and the consequent difficulty of choice that can result from it, we at CasaOmnia today want to show you some types of washbasin cabinet and explain to you which styles, which utilities and which environments they are most suitable for.


When we choose bathroom furniture we cannot limit ourselves to just personal taste, we must also evaluate the positive and negative aspects of each type of furniture.

A bathroom cabinet is chosen according to the space available, the need for accommodation and the configuration of the bathroom.

The first choice presented is that of cabinet that rests on the ground and suspended cabinet. It must be said that suspended cabinet is becoming increasingly popular, obscuring those that rest on the floor.

By neglecting the aesthetic aspect of suspended cabinet which avoids drilling holes in the floor and anchoring, they have great advantages. The first of these concerns cleaning, which becomes much easier since the space is free.

Then there are open cabinets and those with doors. The former have a number of shelves that vary according to the size of the furniture, but which remain visible. The cabinet with the doors, however, hide the stored objects. There is no better choice parameter than that which sees lifestyle as the protagonist.

To be more specific, the visible cabinet is ideal for those people who can spend a lot of time cleaning and who are extremely tidy, while the cabinet with doors is the best solution to repair the contents from dust.

Finally, there are the cabinets with lay on washbasin or with built-in washbasin. In the first case we have a modern solution much loved by buyers, but which presents a major drawback for cleaning operations. In fact, they have spaces between the contact points, between the cabinet and the washbasin, which are really difficult to reach.

The built-in wasbasins are much more comfortable and can be found in the most varied shapes and sizes.



Depending on the style and ergonomics of the furniture, you can choose between design furniture, modern and contemporary furniture or even inexpensive bathroom furniture, mostly classic in shape and made with basic materials and finishes.


If equipped with wheels, a low bathroom cabinet can be moved and, if sufficiently robust, it can also be used as a stool. Generally equipped with one or two drawers, the low bathroom cabinet can be placed in a corner of a wall or under a higher cabinet.


The bathroom column cabinet is not bulky compared to its storage capacity. The bathroom column can be lay on or suspended.

Composed of drawers, doors or open spaces, the configuration must be chosen according to the organization of the bathroom.

The lower compartment is often used as a closet for linen, while the upper one as a space for bathroom products. The column cabinet must be fixed for greater stability.


Suspended or lay on, straight or at an angle, low or high, the bathroom shelfoften counts between two and five shelves. A bathroom shelf has various dimensions and can have one or more drawers or a towel rack. A simple ledge is called a shelf.


The under-washbasin cabinet can be built-in if the washbasin is a pedestal washbasin or it can simply be a base to be integrated with a suspended washbasin or a support surface for the washbasin.

In fact, its dimensions must not exceed the depth of the washbasin. The under-washbasin cabinet can be a chest of drawers, a cabinet with doors or shelves.

In addition, it must allow access to the evacuation system, i.e. the siphon. Some vanity units may have a toilet surface that can be cut to fit a washbasin or the drain system of a lay on washbasin.


The bathroom cabinet can have different configurations: one door, two doors, three doors, with mirror, drawers and even lighting – LED, halogen, with neon tube or low consumption light bulb with E14 socket and switch.

Available in different sizes, the bathroom cabinet is suspended and shallow. Finally, it can be installed above the washbasin.


Basically there are two types of materials used in the production of bathroom cabinet: solid wood and composite materials, each with different stylistic characteristics.

Composite materials allow more modern and refined shapes. In fact, their price is often lower, but the quality is lower and the production process has an impact on the environment.


The solid wood furniture can be of different essences, however a prevalence of exotic woods can be observed due to their intrinsic properties: easy to maintain and rot-proof.

In addition, most of the solid wood bathroom furniture is made of teak, eucalyptus, mahogany, bamboo, etc.

In fact, it is advisable to apply an oil if it is exotic or resinous woods (fir, pine, etc.) and, if the wood has not been treated, a varnish will ensure its protection.


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