The mirror is fundamental in every person’s life.

When we wake up, before going to work, before going out in general, during our day we often deal with this object, especially with that of the bathroom.

Seeing everything in its place is already an excellent starting point to feel at home.

In fact, to confirm this idea, just think of the bathroom, the place of intimacy and well-being which, thanks to simple precautions and details, can instead become an excellent space in which to find yourself.

To do this, however, it is necessary first of all to think about everything that makes up this corner of our house, where, in fact, even the mirror has its importance.

The key point of any type of bathroom furniture is the mirror.From those with LED light integrated to the mirrors, with frame or shiny wire, mirrors with applique or magnifier.

When it comes to bathroom mirrors, the choice is really wide.

So let’s put aside the magic mirror of fairy tales and see more closely what are the main features to follow when choosing a new bathroom mirror.


The bathroom mirror is the furnishing accessory that highlights the piece of furniture by completing the project, enhancing the tiles, enlarging the environment and thanks to the integrated lamps it illuminates the washbasin area correctly.

Let’s see how to choose it and how many solutions exist to complete your bathroom with style.



The dimensions of the mirror are very subjective, and are not always related to the size of the room or bathroom furniture.

In fact, the latest trends invite to insert original solutions, asymmetrical, extra-large, or multiple mirrors. All ideas for personalizing and making the bathroom unique.

A trick to furnish a small bathroom, for example, is just to put a very large mirror to deceive the feeling of cramped environment. Small bathroom mirror, therefore, does not necessarily mean that it must be small!

And if the size of the room makes things complicated, there is always the possibility of opting for made-to-measure bathroom mirrors, or for mirror cabinets (shallow cabinets with a mirrored door, therefore with a double function).

Furthermore, there are unwritten rules to be respected in order to have a bathroom mirror balanced with the dimensions of the washbasin cabinet below.

A first point to keep in mind is that the mirror should never be longer than the washbasin. Indeed, very often the correct option is to choose a mirror with the same length as the bathroom cabinet.

Alternatively, it is customary to combine a bathroom mirror slightly smaller than the reference piece of furniture.

As for the height of the mirror, however, there are no limits to follow and we can freely choose based on the space available in our environment.

However a higher mirror ensures a better view and increases the sense of depth of the space.


Again, no rules.

The shape of the bathroom mirror is important not only for its practicality, but also from an aesthetic point of view.

If you want to mirror yourself in a large surface, you prefer rectangular, round or square models. Instead, to observe the face from all angles, it is better to opt for triptych or three-dimensional mirrors.

In addition to the simple rectangular or square mirror, round and oval mirrors, hexagonal mirrors or with unusual and irregular shapes are definitely fashionable.

The shape of the mirror can be dictated by the bathroom cabinet or, on the contrary, be completely different to become a breaking stylistic element.


Light is a piece of furniture, have you ever thought about it? You realize this especially when it is missing, or when it is poorly designed.

The lamp should not be underestimated precisely for this reason. It can be integrated into the mirror itself or be provided on the side or above it, on the wall (with a spotlight) or suspended (from the ceiling).

The important thing is that it is as natural and widespread as possible, to make daily routine more pleasant.

Mirrors with integrated front light are a complete furnishing solution suitable for almost all styles, unless you want to create unusual effects with separate lamps.

Generally these are wall lights (or LED strips) placed on the upper frame with a switch on the lower or lateral frame. To install them, simply connect them to the electrical outlet of the washbasin area (previously prepared).

But it is possible to have backlit mirrors that give a more emotional light to the environment.


The modern bathroom mirror is a real piece of furniture, especially if the frame is large, colored or in a particular finish (leather, metal, wood).

Combining the frame of the mirror with the furniture is possible thanks to the many options available in the catalog today: in this way it will be easy to give a touch of style to the environment thanks to this indispensable accessory!

In addition, all bathroom mirrors can be grouped into two large macro-categories: traditional mirrors with frame and shiny wire mirrors.

The choice between these two types of mirror is dictated exclusively by the aesthetics of the bathroom and the effect you want to achieve with your new mirror.

The framed mirror is particularly suitable with traditional style bathrooms, where elaborate frames are combined with the classic workmanship of the washbasin furniture.

The frameless shiny wire mirror, on the other hand, is a popular and common choice in modern-looking bathrooms thanks to their clean and minimal look.



The mirror plays a fundamental role: thanks to it we can see each other as soon as we get up, prepare for a gallant outing or a dinner with friends.

In short, a respecting bathroom must have an adequate mirror: it is an important decorative element that must be chosen according to the size and characteristics of the bathroom, obviously not neglecting the taste and design you prefer!

Among the main solutions there is certainly that of positioning the mirror above the washbasin. In this case, therefore, a model is needed that integrates perfectly with both the size and style of the washbasin.

If you choose a more classic design furniture, then we recommend opting for a mirror that recalls this style.

Another key factor that must be considered is certainly the height, both of the mirror and of those who will habitually use it.

In addition, we recommend that you also pay attention to the width of the mirror, which should not exceed that of the washbasin.

Some exceptions are allowed for aesthetic reasons as long as they do not give rise to excessive space disharmonies.

Another choice for bathroom furniture is that of the round or oval mirror: this is the best option if the bathroom furniture has a slightly angular shape and that can be further highlighted thanks to the shapes of the mirror.


The best way to close this guide to buying a bathroom mirror?

A series of tips on how to clean the reflective surfaces of your environments.

  • Use white vinegar and soft cloth to remove any residue of toothpaste;
  • Clean the edges of the mirror with a cotton swab or an old toothbrush;
  • Remove the limestone using lemon juice or white wine vinegar.


It is therefore clear that the mirror is an integral part of the bathroom in your home and for this reason you have to think carefully about which type to choose and at the same time think carefully about the exact place in which to place it.

In fact, it is not only a simple object that decorates the bathroom of your home, but it allows you to obtain an excellent corner of well-being to relax and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life without being forced to leave the house!

So what are you waiting for?! Carefully decide which type of mirror is right for you, carefully choose all the components of the bathroom in detail and then immerse yourself in the world of relaxation for a unique and unforgettable experience!


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  1. I want to make sure that I get the right mirror for my bathroom. It makes sense that I would want to get one that has a nice frame! Getting one with LED light integration seems like a great way to make it easy to see myself in the mirror.
    • Thanks for the comment. The frame is undoubtedly an excellent choice for classic-style bathrooms. In our projects for modern bathrooms, we are focusing on flush with the wall LED backlit mirrors, without frames. Below I send you the link of our proposals. https://casaomnia.it/en/product-category/bathroom/bathroom-mirror/ Their advantage as well as being minimal, modern and functional is that they also have advanced technology: anti-fog, safety PVC, on/off touch screen and also others... Let me know what you think.

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