Like every beginning of the year, it is time to take stock. Budgets regarding the trends that have come out of the loop and those that, instead, strongly come into play. In this article we will focus on what, in this 2020, will be the leading trends in terms of furniture, especially that of the vintage bathroom.

Like any other place in the house, the bathroom is also an environment that cannot be exempt from being at the latest cry, on the contrary, it is acquiring its own identity, being a space to relax and take a break from the frenetic rhythms that life imposes.

The new trends, however, in addition to presenting new entries and significant news, are actually, the natural continuation of the trends already seen and presented last year.

The old styles of the past, better known as “vintage”, are back in fashion and are proposed again in a modern and contemporary key. They find their place not only in floors and coverings but also in sanitary ware and bathroom consoles.

A particular interest returns for the copper, bronze and gold finishes and the retro taste is perceived above all in the proposals of taps for washbasins and bidets, but also in the sudden return in style of the classic mixers with cross knobs.



Minimal and contemporary design, with particular attention to compact sanitary and washbasins, without splendour. Freestanding sinks and tubs are also becoming increasingly popular, very modern and chic.

The vintage style contrasts with the most essential minimalism, without losing elegance. If you like precious details, you can take inspiration from the 50s and enrich your bathroom with handles and taps in a gold-colored finish, combined with white ceramic sanitary ware with rounded shapes.

Wall-mounted sanitary fixtures are highly appreciated, not only for their design, but also for their convenience in cleaning operations. The vases and bidets have harmonious lines, the designs are classic but inspired by a more contemporary vision. The vintage bathrooms represent a decided and strong style, capable of giving emotions.

The flooring may be characterized by hexagonal or small diamond vintage bathroom tiles, perfect for composing geometric patterns in two contrasting colors. A suggestion for an even more refined effect? Choose the combination of black and white: this duotone, with an extremely classic taste, never goes out of style and immediately suggests refinement and elegance.

Finally, an essential element in a vintage bathroom of this type will be the vintage bathtub, preferably made of enamelled metal.



The need for a well-organized and refined environment is also spreading in the bathroom, where materials and customizations take on a priority importance. Natural materials for finishes and coatings such as marble or the pietra in generale, o industrial materials that simulate natural textures such as stoneware with wood effect, but also the wallpaper, the mosaic and the natural stone.

For a more modern and innovative look, backlit mirrors can be used as an accent wall. A charm that is always in fashion, also given its warm tones, in this case vintage has very warm colors and needs accessories from the past in order to transport the person back in time in complete freedom and serenity. For this type of bathroom the suitable lighting is to have opaque glass and brass parts, this will give the impression of having gone back 50 years!


Neutral and pastel colors, delicate and soft. The three dominant colors are pastel pink and powder pink, sage green and terracotta color, a warm and neutral nuance that has been popular for some years now. There is also the propensity for black details, especially in matt black, which adapts to both a classic and modern environment.

The real news for this 2020 is the increasing number of bathrooms furnished making extensive use of the pink color.According to the psychology of colors, pink is a symbol of hope. It is a positive, comfortable and reassuring color. Pink is able to calm our emotional energies, alleviating feelings of anger, aggression, resentment, discouragement and exhaustion. So pink is the most suitable color to make your bathroom become a real sanctuary of calm and relaxation.



At the moment the best items for decorating your bathroom in vintage style can be listed as follows:


  • As for the washbasins, I recommend the collection <<Butterfly>> produced by Scarabeo, with both free-standing and wall mounted washbasins. This collection combines elegance and functionality and will give the impression of jumping in the 1950s every time you enter the bathroom!
  • Having chosen the Butterfly collection as washbasins, my advice is to do the same for the sanitary too, in order to maintain the same lines, the same thicknesses, the same shine and the same quality of the ceramic in every corner of the bathroom;


  • Unmissable to make your own Vintage bathroom in the true sense of the word is the Bathroom Cabinet, or Console. As for the bathroom cabinet, the line <<Sofia>>, in its different variants, produced by Eban is what is right for those who want to give that extra touch of class and classicism to their bathroom, while for the console I suggest the line <<Isabella>> always produced by the Eban company;


  • The choice of lighting, rather than being based on a specific brand or collection, must be chosen in such a way as to give the room a warm and soft, romantic light. My advice is to focus on having wall lamps with brass and opaque glass parts, the only ones able to recreate a real Vintage style setting;


  • Finally, a must that you can’t do without is a bathtub that can best represent this type of setting. The <<Classic bathtub Treesse Epoca>> it is the best in this sense, with the possibility of choosing the feet among the various finishes: chrome, gold, white and bronze. The peculiarity of this bathtub is given by its harmonious lines and a classic design but inspired, at the same time, by a decidedly more contemporary vision.


Furnishing a bathroom, like any other room in your home, is never easy and is never a choice to be taken on the spot. This series of articles will help the customer to choose more consciously the product or style that best suits his or her needs and that can best satisfy their furnishing needs.

If you liked this article, or have questions about it, do not hesitate to leave a comment at the end of the article, I will answer you as soon as possible!

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