The time has come to furnish your beach house.

Whether you have a place in a seaside resort or want to give your apartment in the city a fresher touch to the taste of a sea breeze, the moment is perfect to think about the right themed furnishings before summer arrives.

From soft and natural fabrics and shades inspired by the colors of the sea, passing through nautical and costal decorations. Here then is a series of interesting tips for decorating your beach apartment with style and creativity.

You just have to start counting down waiting for the first swim of the season…


When you say beach house you can’t help but think of long days at the beach and fun late dinners with family and friends. The common space becomes the centre of the house and the living room the perfect place to relax in company.

Yes then to a large and bright room with sofas and armchairs, preferring neutral colors and natural materials that are not afraid of water and sand, which will inevitably be part of your routine.

The final touch? Colorful beach-themed cushions for your seating.



But what is the colour par excellence that represents fresh salt water? Blue, of course, with all your shades. Wall colors are key, and white is the best color to use to paint both interior and exterior walls.

You can choose for the living room, white furniture, sofas or armchairs, upholstered with linen or cotton fabrics, enriched with cushions in shades of blue, turquoise, and teal and also with marine-style patterns such as anchors, rudders, nautical knots, corals and starfish.

Sometimes you just need to start with the colors, add a little white and a little blue but without exaggerating. Welcome, therefore, the blue of the sea and the soft colors of the sand especially for the furnishings.


When furnishing a beach house, certain important factors must be taken into account, which influence the choice of furniture and objects in general.

In particular, it must be taken into account that a beach house, unless you live in the Caribbean or in some place in the world for which it becomes the first home, is used for short periods of the year.

So, certainly, the minimum functionality must not be missing, but usually the choice of very demanding and expensive furniture is avoided, with art objects and hyper-technological devices within reach of thieves.


Style-wise, you know by now that I like modern, even for the beach house. So smooth surfaces and very geometric furnishings. As for the colors, if like me you love white with blue, in the picture an example of a kitchen that reflects my tastes: in addition to white and blue, a touch of very modern gray on wall units and columns.

The wooden floor and snack top are the details that warm up the room. If you think that a wooden floor is too delicate for the interior of a beach house, you can opt for a wood-effect stoneware covering which is much easier to clean and more resistant.

On the other hand, if you like a shabby chic or more rustic style, you can choose a kitchen with a framed door, preferably two-coloured like the one in the photo: white for the wall units and light blue for the base units, with some dark details for a young kitchen. If, on the other hand, you want to brighten up the room, it is better to choose white tops and accessories or those in lighter shades. Beautiful is also the wall with the majolica in Mediterranean style: this type of decoration for the house by the sea looks good even in a modern style of furniture.



In the beach house, the kitchen and living room often share the same space. In this case, choose furnishings that are coordinated with each other and maintain the predominant colors in order to give visual continuity. White and blue are also perfect in the living area, because according to the principles of colour therapy they invite to relax. And on holiday, relaxation is important!

If, on the other hand, you prefer total white, you can introduce hints of blue or light blue by colouring the wall with pictures, curtains orblue and white striped maritime fabrics. Of course you can find many cheap solutions at Ikea or Maison du Monde to decorate your beach house.


Blue and white: the chromatic pair of the beach house returns to the bedroom. Choosing white for the double bed, in wood or upholstered, but also for the furniture you will not make mistakes and above all you will never get tired. Also for this room, painting the wall blue and coloring with accessories is the ideal solution. The wave movement on the wardrobe, headboard, dresser and nightstands of the room in the photo is perfect to recall the sea also in the design.


When we think of the sea, turquoise and blue are the first colors that come to mind. Combined with white, these shades, in their infinite nuances, create the “Santorini style” typical of Mediterranean landscapes. If you already have a white bathroom furniture, in natural wood or neutral colors, choose turquoise or blue for the walls, in the form of tiles or paint, if you want to change choose these shades for the furniture.

If you don’t like blue or turquoise, lighter and more delicate shades of blue, aquamarine or tealare also perfect.

But the sea is also the sun! Therefore, warm colours such as yellow or red are perfect, as they remind of summer sunsets and are definitely original and alternative for a swim in the sea.

beach house bathroom furniture


This is a house near the coast, the game plan of the decorations is very vast and allows you to furnish the beach house in an economic way.

First of all, DIY is a resource that should not be underestimated, especially if you want to furnish a small beach house. In fact, creative recycling allows you to give new life to objects until recently considered to be thrown away, saving money, as well as respecting the environment.

The call of the sea is essential to ensure that one’s home differs from the usual home and is characterized in a decisive manner.

Among the most fruitful ideas we find marine colored glass bottles used as candle holders, light wood frames for mirrors and paintings, shells gathered on the shore to decorate objects, or natural tree branches, worked with sandpaper to embellish floor vases.

Furthermore, enrich the space with anchors, rudders, sea knots, corals and starfish and large lamps containing candles, which give a touch of the past to home environments.

The furniture must have light colors, clean lines and a timeless style, so that they can match any environment and above all not tire with the passage of time.


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