If you love nature and especially the sea, don’t miss this article. We will explain how to set up a real beach in your backyard in a simple way.

The garden of your house can be customized in many ways, even simulating a natural environment that will help you to carve out a small corner of relaxation. In this article we will give you some tips to be able to create a beach in your garden. You will have the feeling of being in an exotic place far from the city, for example by installing a swimming pool and adding areas with white sand.

Many people who live far from the coast often dream of being able to go to the beach even just one week a year. But then, why not mount a beach in your backyard so you can enjoy it whenever you want? At the end of the day, this is not something overly complicated to accomplish.

Obviously, the marine environment cannot be reproduced in an absolutely faithful way, but you can simulate it in a simple and effective way. You can even add a beach kiosk and all the typical elements of this environment. Far from being a fad, the idea of creating a beach in your garden will allow you to decorate your home in a very innovative way.


The first element that comes to mind when talking about the beach is, of course, the sand, but first of all we need to clarify one thing. The sand definitely makes for a sea effect, but it’s liable to scatter all over the place and get dirty. So, if you don’t have a lot of time to devote to cleaning up, know that it may be best to put aside your desire for sand and find alternatives to build your own beach in your backyard.

That being said, here’s how to get sand into your garden! Unless you have sandbags brought from some seaside location, you need to buy sand from a store that specializes in outdoor furniture. How much to buy? The answer, of course, depends on how much space you want to cover. My advice is not to overdo it and devote a small corner to the purpose, without covering the entire surface available, not only because too much sand is likely to scatter around, but also to leave room for other decorative elements and furnishings for the garden.

In any case, calculate that a layer of about 8 cm of sand should be spread on the chosen surface. To make the beach feel even more real, I would recommend putting an umbrella and one or more lounge chairs in this corner. The summer effect is guaranteed!



To create a beach in the garden and get a look that can simulate this natural space, you will need to integrate an in-ground pool into the space you have chosen. Around it, you can sprinkle a good amount of sand, so that you really have the impression of being on a real seashore.

  • The main objective is realism, that is, recreating a natural environment as faithfully as possible.
  • You will use real sand to put around the pool. It’s important that you put a lot of it in, since wind and movement of people could move it around. Once you have chosen the type and colour, arrange it carefully and make sure you get a very realistic effect.
  • Set up a larger area where you can lie on the sand. By alternating this element with grass, you will promote an excellent color contrast that will allow you to achieve a really interesting aesthetic.
  • Take care that no sand gets into the pool, as removing it will be a difficult task and unsightly residue may remain on the surface and bottom. Remember to install a good water filter, but if you can prevent sand from getting in, much better.


To complete this oasis of peace and comfort, other decorative resources can also be applied to help you achieve an even more natural look. Both plants and other artificial elements can contribute to the decoration.

Palms or fruit trees can be placed in the lawn area. On the one hand, they will help you get more shade. On the other hand, they will give an exotic touch to this environment. You can also place wooden planters or plant flowers near the pool. They will bring color and freshness to the environment.

Another suitable resource for your backyard beach can be, for example, a pergola. It will be perfect for providing shade and that can be used to prepare meals or dinners. Furnishings are also key: we recommend choosing beach chairs and tables, lanterns, torches and even a barbecue so you can receive your guests as they deserve.


Sand is not the only element that makes a beach. If you’re used to going to pine forests or somewhere where nature is still wild, you won’t want to let your summer garden lack colorful plants and flowers. Be careful, though, when choosing which species to plant!

Bamboo, for example, is a plant that might seem perfect for decorating a summer garden, but hides pitfalls, as it is difficult to manage and quick to grow. If you really don’t want to renounce to bamboo, it’s better to opt for furnishing elements made of this material (a small table, for example), or for already treated bamboo canes, to be used for example around the fence.

Perennials are a guarantee. While many plants fade in late spring, perennials show themselves in all their beauty in summer. The choice depends mostly on personal taste. Among my favorite flowers for the summer stands out the gaillardia, a plant that produces beautiful bright yellow flowers that go wonderfully with the summer season. Very heat resistant, it also grows in difficult soils, so it will suit almost any garden.

Another flower is the scabiosa: originating from the Mediterranean basin, it is also found in some temperate zones of Asia and Africa and is perfect for warm climates. If you don’t have a particularly green thumb, know that this type of plant is very easy to grow and is characterized by a long flowering period.

Other more popular flowers that immediately bring on summer, and are therefore perfect for a summer garden, are thehibiscus, with its characteristic five-petalled calyx and brightly coloured corolla, and the petunia, which flowers from mid-spring to mid-autumn and spreads a pleasant scent in the air.


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