The bedroom is the most intimate and personal place in the house. Everyone wants the furniture to be as consistent as possible with their dreams and expectations. In addition to the various furniture, wardrobes, various objects, the most important element for the sleeping area is the bed!

To choose the right bed, several factors must be considered. First, the size of the room, then the positioning of the windows and doors from which to enter/exit without neglecting personal taste.

Within the range of styles of the various beds there is a vastness of models. These go from storage beds to models with drawers without neglecting the range of low beds, Oriental type, which are becoming increasingly important inside modern homes.

In addition, beyond its formal value, the bed, together with the bed base and mattress, it constitutes a real “rest system” with which you will have to deal eight hours a day for several years.

The bed dimensions are standard. In fact, the double one is suitable for mattresses of 160 x 190 cm, the one for a square and a half is for mattresses with the measures of 120 x 190 cm, for the French bed you need a mattress of 140 x 190 cm.

Still, the length of the bed should be approx 15-20 cm more than the height of those who use it and the height including mattress should be between 50 and 60 cm.

The single beds must have a width not inferior to 80 cm and a length of approx 200 cm, while as far as height is concerned what has just been said about double beds.


As for the bed models, there is really an embarrassment of choice. We start from the simplest and most linear like the sommier, to more complex models.

The textile bed is a model made up of a soft structure, a headboard and the bed base of wooden slats.

The structure is covered with easily washable and removable textiles, which can also be combined with the duvet of the same color or fantasy.

Brass and wrought iron beds in general are indestructible, handcrafted and therefore more expensive.

Those with an antiqued effect, in particular, are subjected to complex waxing and patinating processes which increase the price.

A bed model suitable for those who care about ecology is made completely in wood, with the supporting structure in plywood or multilayer.

Lovers of classic style can opt for the traditional four-poster bed. In fact, this type of bed is well suited to a room with high ceilings.

Then there are the space-saving solutions, ideal for those with a small house or a mini apartment.

Also, the containing function in modern beds is generally carried out by a compartment placed under a bed base. This is generally equipped with a servo-assisted opening by hydraulic pistons.

There are versions with simple flap, or double action, that is, with the bed in a raised horizontal position, to favor the undoing and preparation of bed linen.

Bunk beds also take up little space, although many people don’t find them comfortable.

The headboards of the bed are made of different materials: wrought iron, brass, bamboo, wicker, Vienna straw. There are also headboards for double beds made up of separable elements.


The bed must also be comfortable to relax, for example, reading or listening to music rather than watching TV.

In these cases, the presence of a headboard high enough and well padded to comfortably support the back, can be crucial.

With the passage of time, traditional carved wooden headboards are being replaced by new solutions.

Upholstery, perimeter or partial, padded, in fabric, leather, velvet and materials of natural origin and do not offer a wider choice range than in the past.

An advantage for buyers which can however result in a cleaning puzzle. Therefore, it is essential to acquire precise information on the maintenance required to maintain the beauty of the finishes over time.

Better to inquire and avoid nasty surprises!

In addition, the footboard completes the front of the bed, but I think it is to be avoided at least in the case of small bedrooms.

The footboard, not only can limit the visual space in small room, but in the case of beds with storage, can constitute an obstacle to accessing the place under the bed base.


The bed bases are very important and in this regard, the offer on the market is very vast. In fact, there are fixed slatted or non-removable slats, adjustable slatted slats, folding slatted bases that allow you to relax but at the same time read and / or watch TV in maximum comfort.

The bed bases can also be roll-up and in this case you can save a lot of space; their movement is manual or mechanized according to the bed model.

It now becomes clearer how the choice of bed should be made also according to your habits. In fact, those who have a habit to devote himself to a book before turning off the light, for example, will find in the slatted bed bases the ideal solution.

Alternatively, you can choose a bed with an adaptable headboard to the different positions to be taken. Slatted bed bases are particularly suitable for those with some weight problems or specific postural needs.




The storage bed is the most modern form. In fact, enough space is available under the mattress and slats to store cushions, blankets, duvets, simply by lifting the structure, thanks to a system of hydraulic pistons that make the operation simple.

It is therefore a question of having a bed frame slightly higher from the ground, without further lateral or length dimensions.

The models on the market differ in colors, decorations in addition to the upholstered and fabric-covered models.


The bed with drawers, unlike the container model, it has drawers at the bottom of the structure, generally two per side, where you can store bedding accessories and dresses for the night like pajamas and dressing gowns.

In addition to being able to decide on colors and design lines that match with the furnishings of the room and personal tastes, must be taken into consideration the lateral space available to open safely the drawers (35/40 cm).


Furthermore, there are different types of beds on the market that are not exactly standard, rightly considered “particular” in shapes and models.

For a minimalist version of the room, the low bed, typical of Eastern countries gives further tranquility when you want to create a peaceful environment to relax.

Made of wood, they can have a padded structure or with covering, with the presence of a headboard, preserving essentiality as the first quality.

It can be joined to a low mattress or a futon, a typical Japanese mattress that is rolled up after each use.

Furthermore, the bed and bedroom are factors to be taken into consideration if the dictates of Feng-Shui are followed in furnishing.

When the bedroom also acts as a study area or if you have to furnish the room rented to university students or away workers, it can be a solution with a small encumbrance opt for a pull-down bed.

Being part of a more complex furniture, which includes a bridge wardrobe, the bed becomes immediately available with a simple movement opening / closing.

In the morning, as soon as you wake up, just close the bed in its container, lifting it and gaining space to study.

Even the cleaning of the room will be easier, not having an encumbrance like the structure of the bed.

The unusual shape for a bed makes the round model very romantic, transforming the bedroom into a true love nest, so much so that the main companies in the scetor have a line of products designed ad hoc, making beds of every material and with different peculiarities.

The standard sizes of the round bed are: 260 cm in width and 230 in length, a size certainly not suitable for all bedrooms.


How to choose the bed? Upholstered beds are increasingly popular, or consisting of a structure of wooden or composite material and by a covering that can be in fabric, leather or eco-leather.

The padded beds are comfortable, welcoming and enveloping; moreover, in the face of satisfactory quality, they often have quite affordable prices.

The upholstered bed is perfect in a large room, perhaps furnished according to a classic taste or according to the dictates of the shabby chic style.

It is less suitable, however, in a room of reduced dimensions and / or characterized by a minimalist image. Always make sure that the bed enhances the other furnishing elements and that it does not weigh down the environment from an aesthetic point of view.

As in the case of the sofa, even when it comes to the bed a preference in terms of design must be associated with comfort.

In order not to make a mistake, where possible, check the willingness to test the structure for a few minutes and ask the seller on all the key aspects, also asking for information on services and any guarantees associated with the purchase.

Finally, there is no more effective method than verifying the real size of the same in the room.

Do you think it is superfluous passage? You may be wrong, since once assembled, also considering the “weight” of its structure, the bed will greatly affect the balance of the room, especially when a small sleeping area is being furnished.


Our advice, at this point, after viewing all the different models on the market, is not to underestimate the weight, visual and physical, of the bed.

Furthermore, it is important not to consider the bed an accessory element, to which to allocate the remainder of the budget. You will definitely regret it!

The best thing to do would be to evaluate the different choices on the market and if you are still not sure which one to buy, rely on an expert in the sector who can guide and advise you in the best way.

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