Choosing bedroom linens is an important time to devote the right amount of time to. Kind of like when we’re choosing what dress to wear. This is about dressing up our pillows and mattresses, but the goal is the same: pursuit of style and good quality. In fact, since underwear is in close contact with our skin, the choice of fabrics is of fundamental importance.

Below are some useful tips and recommendations to help you make the right choice of linen for your bedroom!

Bedding is usually part of the bedding kit:

  • Mattress cover
  • Pillow Cover
  • Sheet with corners
  • Sheet without corners
  • Pillowcases

To these are added what we commonly call “blankets,” but which in reality are distinguished into:

  • Duvet cover
  • Down jacket
  • Quilt
  • Quilt
  • Bedspread

Depending on the season, these elements can be combined together or individually.



To buy the right bedding, it is essential to first know the correct measurements of the bed. There are, in fact, standard measures for the various types of bed that is well known

  • Frenchbed : 140×190 cm /160×200 cm
  • Traditional double bed: 160×200 cm
  • Square and a half: 130×200 cm
  • Single: 80×200 cm

The size of the linen, of course, will vary accordingly. The fitted sheet (bottom sheet), as well as the mattress cover, must be the same size as the mattress. The top sheets, on the other hand, will need to be larger, taking into account the height of the mattress and bed and the need for full coverage. Below are the standard dimensions for top sheets:

  • Frenchbed : 230×290 cm
  • Traditional double bed: 250×290 cm
  • Square and a half: 210×290 cm
  • Single: 160×290 cm



Cotton bedding is a classic. Cotton sheets, in fact, are definitely the most popular not only because they are natural and comfortable, but also because they are easy to wash. In addition, cotton has the great advantage of being an inexpensive fabric but still of absolute quality.

Comfortable, lightweight and durable, it is suitable for all seasons. It is able to absorb moisture and provide freshness in the summer months and warmth in the cold season. Maybe you didn’t know, but as the density of the yarn increases, the strength, softness and compactness of the fabric also increases.

The cotton used for the sheets has a yarn density that generally ranges from a minimum of 57 threads/cm² to a maximum of 400 threads/cm². When a level of at least 80 threads/cm² is reached, a very high quality material called cotton percale is obtained. Cotton satin, another possibility, is the result of weaving at least 100 threads/cm².


Another very common solution for bedding is to choose linen sheets. Linen sheets provide a great visual effect and allow you to express your taste and personality to the fullest. Linen sheets are less common in the market than cotton sheets and often come from custom work by specialized tailors. Linen is a breathable and fresh fabric, therefore suitable for seasons such as spring and summer.


To dress your bed with timeless elegance, silk is the perfect fabric. Silk sheets are the perfect cuddle for those who want to live the moment of rest with refinement. Always synonymous with refinement, silk has its roots in distant times and has the scent of the Orient. It is said, in fact, that its use dates back even to China in 3000 BC. C. with the first cultivation of silkworms and that this precious fabric was used to make imperial robes. How much history and luxury are hidden behind a fabric as precious as silk!

Silk sheets are not seasonal, but can be used both in summer thanks to their characteristic of being fresh and light, and in winter insulating and warming the body in the cold winter evenings.


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