Bedroom curtains just one of the most important but at the same time most underrated design elements. For most of you, the bedroom is the quintessential place of confidentiality and privacy, but also the place to relax. What design element then will suit you better than curtains? Let’s discover together how to choose the ones that best suit your style and design needs!

One of the most used accessories to perfectly complete the home environments is just the curtain, with both aesthetic and functional value. One of the most common rooms to use them is the bedroom, where the filtering of light from outside must be regulated in a practical and optimal way to ensure maximum comfort and privacy in the space.


The choice of curtains for the bedroom starts with the evaluation of the different types available on the market. In principle, we can distinguish various models of curtains, each declined in various sizes, stylistic aspects and colors, fabrics, adjustment methods, etc. All these factors, which must be taken into account when making an informed selection, based on the specific needs of the room.

Defining the main objectives of their placement in the room, however, can help in the final decision. In fact, it must be remembered that curtains have the function of best shielding the environment from too invasive light sources, followed by the function of ensuring maximum privacy in the environment. Even the decorative function is not to be underestimated, that’s why it is essential to opt for a model consistent with the furnishing style of the room.

The choice of curtains for the bedroom is not detached even from the type of window frame that they will cover. This implies an evaluation on its practicality of closing and on the depth of the compartment to avoid that the curtains get in the way of the normal functioning of the window.



The size of the curtains in the bedroom can also have a significant impact on the visual aspect of the entire room, as well as on its practicality. As a rule, long curtains are about 2.5 cm from the floor, but there is no standard length to be applied indiscriminately to every room, on the contrary. Short and sharp curtains often complete modern and minimal rooms, while soft curtains, lowered beyond the floor to create slight folds and drapes, enrich the most romantic and sophisticated interiors.

Again, choosing the length of curtains for the bedroom, implies reasoning about their maintenance, but in particular, about cleaning the floor itself or other elements underneath.


There is no single, universal rule to follow when choosing curtains for the bedroom, especially when it comes to colors and patterns. It will tend to be enough to evaluate the overall colour scheme of the room. Curtains for the bedroom with abstract motifs can for example embellish rooms with neutral and sober furnishings.

Curtains in soft colours will also suit more romantic bedrooms with wood or stone panelling. Warm ranges from yellow to vermillion red prove timeless for ethnic rooms. The curtains in plain colours, from the lightest to the darkest, will instead be suitable for refined and essential contexts, with a contemporary and elegant style.

However, the impact of the curtains on the bedroom should be taken into account: in small and not very airy rooms, it is a good idea to choose light fabrics and delicate nuances that do not further weigh down the atmosphere, while in larger spaces with full-height or simply large windows, you can dare with more characterful mixes. Even the light diffusion will change according to the colours and patterns of the bedroom curtains, another factor not to be underestimated in order to obtain the desired result.


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