furnish the bedroom in ethnic style


Decorating your bedroom in ethnic style is an original choice considering that ethnic furniture is almost always made of durable materials; moreover, thanks to the versatility of this style, you can also easily integrate other furniture of different styles, maybe some that you already have and that you are fond of. You will definitely need to think about the furniture first. From the headboard of the bed to the bedside tables, an essential part of the room, from the wardrobes to the mirror. It all depends of course on the space you have available and your tastes.



The bed in the image above is an example of an ethnic bed in water hyacinth, neutral in color and easily adaptable to any other piece of furniture. Other types of ethnic beds favored by lovers of the genre are those made entirely of wood. Mahogany is used for the bedroom, and they can be found in various shades of color, so they too are easy to match with other furniture of various styles.

If you are aiming for a simple type of ethnic furniture, it is advisable to “break” the monotony in the room with beautiful bright wall colors. Also, if by chance you can’t repaint the walls for other reasons, it will be enough to add some nice pictures or canvases.

Ethnic rugs are also an excellent solution to give a little color and an original touch to the bedroom. As well as lamps for bedside tables or floor lamps and maybe using some more particular light: instead of using the usual bulb you could opt for a colored bulb, on red or blue or even multicolor.


To furnish the master bedroom in ethnic style, it is important to choose traditional ethnic beds. The materials mainly used to produce ethnic beds are bamboo, teak, rattan, wicker, wood and rush.

Thestructure of ethnic beds is made of the above materials, while the fabrics have warm colors, often with delicate shades. The choice of colors, as well as the choice of material that makes up the supporting structure of ethnic beds, must be taken on the basis of personal taste and also in accordance with the other furnishings of the room.

Ethnicbeds can be matched with many characteristic furnishing accessories, such as lamps, bedside tables and mirrors, all in ethnic style, to create a uniform and original environment.

The ethnic style for the bedroom should be chosen for its originality and because it is never monotonous. Although various rooms furnished in ethnic style present the same furnishing philosophy, each one will be unique in its own way, especially if you decide to focus on an ethnic fusion style, that is, on making ethnic furniture and beds belonging to different traditions interact.


Finally, consider adding ornaments to your bedroom such as the glass and resin vase in the image above or other types of vases such as the ones in Chinese porcelain; as other ideas to fill the room I suggest candle holders or statues that, depending on the size, you can place directly on the floor or otherwise use as ornaments.

bedroom ethnic style furniture

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