Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the perfect bedroom for our needs. If you are looking for an apartment to buy you will certainly have noticed how much the surfaces offered by recently built properties have been reduced. Fortunately, we are still far from the standards of Parisian micro-apartments, but the idea that space must be rationed is clear.

This is particularly true of private areas such as bathrooms and bedrooms, where – if you think about it – you only go to sleep. However, no one likes to shut themselves up in a claustrophobic environment, so here are a few tips for creating a beautiful bedroom that gives the impression of having a few extra square feet.


There are several tricks to make sure that at first glance our bedroom looks more spacious and deeper than it really is. The most well-known solutions concern the use of light and the upward organization of space. These two elements allow you to make the bedroom a functional and space-saving environment, perfect for relaxing. In addition, when you want to furnish a small bedroom, you have to pay attention to the choice of furniture: that is, it is better to choose furniture that is not bulky. Finally, avoid curtains that can weigh down the atmosphere of the room and avoid decorations that can also make the room too chaotic and uncomfortable.



An always good way to make a bedroom feel larger is to create uniformity. With uniformity or continuity I am not referring only to the colours of the walls, but to the chromatic scale of the whole room, with an eye also to the furnishings.

The soft colors are well suited to rest, but to avoid the flattening of the surfaces we can combine colors that rise or fall in tone.

Neutral tints are the most suitable for our purpose, because they create spatial continuity and deceive the perception of the real boundaries of space. The bedroom will no longer be a small, rigid box, but will become a fluid and welcoming environment.
A useful suggestion is to put a generously sized print or painting over the headboard bed.


The most useful tip for making a room seem larger is to think vertically: decorating all the walls, right up to the ceiling, can trick the eye and make a room seem larger.

In addition, this advice will allow you to use the items you deem necessary for the decor, without taking up too much space or being too bulky. This, therefore, also has a value of comfort and practicality of the room.


Less is more! Indeed a space with only the essential helps to make everything more harmonious.

When you think about the furnishing of your bedroom, then opt for organized storage and the use of functional furniture.

Eliminate any unnecessary furniture and instead focus attention only on a large and comfortable bed, a coffee table and a compact wardrobe.

Using space-saving and transformable furniture is always the ideal solution when it comes to having a small room but you don’t want to give up comfort.


When you have a bedroom with a small surface area, every inch must be designed to serve a specific function. This is all the more true for a small bedroom where you will need to avoid the feeling of clutter and confusion at all costs.

A tidy room will in fact appear more comfortable and larger.

The advice is to identify small surfaces that will house the containers, a section of wall in which to place light shelves for books or photographs and a corner for a small armchair or bench. The important thing is that every single space is carefully thought out, is well organized and that there are empty areas between one area and another in which the eye can rest.


Light is always a valuable ally if we want to perceive a space larger than it really is. So let’s try to make good use of it in the bedroom too.

In a bedroom we don’t need as much light, however overlighting a wall will visually expand the area of the room. There are several very creative stylistic solutions that can play with artificial lights to make the room seem more spacious. One of these solutions could be to illuminate furniture and shelves in such a way as to be able to make light even in the darkest and most hidden corners of the room; all this will allow to have a feeling of greater depth.


We have talked about the importance of artificial light but we should not underestimate the help that comes from natural light for our bedroom. If we are lucky enough to have a well oriented bedroom with a large glass opening, it will be enough to let in as much light as possible. This is all it takes to transform our small room into a comfortable and cozy room.

It is also important to choose the curtain, which must be light, never too dark and, above all, in the same colour as the wall to accentuate the continuity of the surfaces.



One last tip, important but not as fundamental as the others. In fact, in the absence of space, mounted shelves and wall units.

These are the solution when the square footage of the room is really small and you cannot clutter too much space on the ground.

So here is a series of tricks that will make you completely revolutionize your idea of furniture. Thanks to these solutions, you will be able to make a small and dimly lit room appear, thanks to the right precautions, in a room that claims the opposite conditions!

So what are you waiting for? Try immediately to realize for yourself the effectiveness and usefulness of these tricks, you will not regret it!


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