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Not sure how to decorate your kitchen? Is your biggest problem choosing a color? Don’t worry, we at CasaOmnia have the right solution for your needs. The beige kitchen is a very trendy furniture solution lately.

The colour beige is a shade, tending to grey, of the colour brown. The name beige comes from the French word for beige.

The term comes from clothes created with “beige”, a wool fabric left its natural color. It has since been used to indicate a wide range of light shades of neutral tones, and is often mistakenly used to indicate generic shades of light brown.

In fact, beige is a color that can give your environment a feeling of space much more spacious and welcoming. If used properly, this color will allow you to give space and comfort to your rooms, unique and very special.

Finally, the color beige is often used for the casings of personal computers, so much so that the English term beige box has become synonymous with “personal computer”.



In general, beige is a neutral colour and can take on different shades, both light and dark. Kind of like black and white. In fact, as far as furniture is concerned, beige is very well suited as a wall color, especially in its lighter shades.

If we opt for a beige kitchen colouring we will have a feeling of lightness of the surrounding environment. Especially when combined with the choice of light and clear fabrics. Also, the color beige is always so simple, clean and elegant in all its shades and forms. Almost all combinations with this color are effective and modern. In addition, they infuse the environment with an aura of elegance and class that few other colors are able to give.


Beige is a colour with a thousand surprises, able to adapt to very different situations and styles. In fact, often those who decide to choose a beige kitchen do so by choosing a style that tends towards the classic. The combination of warm colors such as brown and beige implies a very intimate type of furniture and it is precisely for this reason that they are used to furnish all the spaces in the house.

Finally, beige is a very easy colour to match; it can be in harmony with the most different colours and environments. For a beige kitchen, this colour is ever so simple, clean and elegant – in all its shades and forms. Almost all combinations with this color are effective and modern.


Another very interesting solution is the contemporary style beige kitchen. This style, with its particular characteristics and shapes, is able to fully enhance a kitchen furnished mainly in this colour. Beige, in fact, gives light and brightness to the environment and amplifies the space. This color is also suitable for floor tiles as well as other surfaces.

For example, if we choose light beige wooden furniture for our country house, the effect will be very elegant and neat at the same time. On the contrary, if we want to achieve a more masculine and modern effect, we should choose lacquered furniture accompanied by appliances and steel details.



Modern style is also a very interesting solution with a beige kitchen. This style, which gives rationality and geometry to the environment, favours very intriguing plays of light and reflections in combination with beige. In fact, we can juxtapose furniture in this lighter shade with walls painted in stronger, bolder colors. In this way you get new effects, never predictable and banal.

An intriguing and, at the same time, daring solution is to try combining different shades of green in a beige kitchen. They can be combined from dark green to sage green, in combination with other natural materials such as stone and wood. This combination of colours and materials is able to give a unique light and strength to your beige kitchen.

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One of the materials that can best be combined with a beige kitchen is wood. The solution of using wood for furniture, carpets and other prominent elements is increasingly appreciated and held in high regard by professional architects and designers. Wood allows these furnishing elements to be combined with naturalness and harmony, without creating particular contrasts or excessive heaviness due to too many accessories.


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