Often considered just an ornamental and superfluous object. The rug, on the other hand, is that detail that makes you stop your thumb when you scroll through pictures of decor on your phone or that makes you say “What a great atmosphere” when you flip through a themed magazine.

A detail that completes, fills, contrasts and energizes the space, recalling other “details” of the scene… and that therefore, on the whole, is not so much a “detail”. However, precisely because of its crucial function, choosing the perfect one is an art, and for the final effect to be guaranteed, some “little rules” must be considered. Let’s see them together.


Depending on the function In the rooms most at risk of stains or water spillage etc., a fine carpet is definitely to be avoided, preferring synthetic fabrics, resistant and easily washable materials (for example kitchen, bathroom or under the dining table), while in cool areas of the house you can have fun with a nice shaggy long pile carpet, or silk, or with a pattern and embroidery worthy of a furniture magazine (bedroom, hallway, living room).

But also the size of the room is important: taking into account, in general, that a carpet too large at the optical level shrinks the room, while one too small would be useless as irrelevant to the eye, experts recommend:

  • to maintain 60 cm of separation from the walls
  • to consider 20-30 cm more than the furniture that is placed on it
  • in the case of a dining area rug, that the edge of the rug protrudes 60 cm beyond the limits of the table, to avoid balancing on the edge when moving the chair to get up from the table.

Therefore, meter in hand, the carpet before being imagined must be measured, since, we repeat, its function is to harmonize the space and not to cover/hide an ugly floor.

PLEASE NOTE When taking measurements, consider all the furniture that will need to be in the room (trying not to crowd it) and that it should be placed on top of the carpet or outside of it, not on the edges so as not to unbalance it by placing it in the balance.



Even in the room dedicated to the preparation of food you can insert fabrics that make the floor warmer and softer. Kitchen rugs are ideal when you have a space that is separate from the rest of the house, where you work on the treats you want to offer the whole family. They are often narrow and long to fit the shape of the room and flank the kitchen. It is important to place a rug in front of the sink because it protects the floor from splashing water or grease.

The carpets for the kitchen must be easy to wash: synthetic or plastic or bamboo ones are fine.


Bathroom rugs have more than just an ornamental function. They are also practical, useful for very specific needs. In fact, they absorb the inevitable splash of water on the floor near the sink, bathtub and shower. Also, bathroom rugs need to be non-slip to prevent nasty slips.


Modern rugs are suitable objects to complete the furnishing of a living room in a minimalist or industrial style, inspired by the essential forms of contemporary design. There is a wide choice of different colours, warm and cold, bright or pastel, different textures and more or less elaborate patterns.

Large modern rugs look great paired with a three or four seater sofa, either white or in a neutral colour. If the rug is framed by a corner sofa, colorful geometric designs or naturalistic patterns are a good choice and are enhanced to the fullest.

There are modern long-pile carp ets and modern short-pile carpets. The distinction is made by the length of the fabric fibers that completely cover the carpet. In modern long pile carpets each fibre is one and a half centimetres longer, measuring from the attachment to the backing material to the outer end. Modern short-pile carpets, on the other hand, have shorter filaments.

When choosing the right modern living room or bedroom rugs for your home you need to consider that long pile models are softer, softer and warmer, but at the same time require more effort to keep them clean and tidy.

For those who want to make bold choices for the living room, modern round rugs can be a good choice. An element of discontinuity is inserted in the room, a closed and curved shape that contrasts with the broken lines of the traditional furniture. Attention is naturally captured by modern round rugs, beautiful in bright colours that add vibrancy to white furniture or light neutral shades.



After choosing the size and placement of the living room rugs, the time comes to go into more detail about the characteristics of the fabric. The question to ask yourself is this: how to choose the color of a carpet? The answer is implicit in the lines and shapes of our home furnishings.

To understand how to choose the color of the carpet of the living room is necessary to ask yourself first if you want to capture the attention of guests or that blends harmoniously with the surrounding furniture. The fabric that covers the stoneware, parquet or marble of our homes can become the centre of the room; it can play the role of eye-catcher, while every other piece of furniture is content to play the role of page, functional and comfortable, but in the background for the eye-catcher.

In the opposite situation, living room carpets take on the function of glueing the balance of the whole. In this second case, the chromatic notes of the carpet must be the same or similar to those present in the furnishings. Tone on tone is a good choice to create a strong relationship between the living room rugs and all the furniture in the living room. The resulting sensation is that of an enveloping space, warm, conducive to peace and tranquility.

If the carpet has to liven up the environment, it has to be the centre of attention and be immediately noticed, then it is necessary to prefer patterns with chromatic notes in contrast with those prevailing in the furniture. The distinction between warm and cool colors is a factor to keep in mind. In fact, the former have a very different visual weight from the latter. Red, orange and yellow give energy and make their presence felt strongly.


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