The ceramic washbasin, a choice that has never gone out of fashion which, on the contrary, has proven to be able to adapt perfectly to modern styles too!

The washbasin is one of the first accessories that strikes the eye when entering a bathroom. Being in a room designed not only for the well-being and personal care, this furnishing item must be chosen with care, respecting the criteria of aesthetics and comfort that will make the environment uniform and pleasant.

We find various types and materials on the market, why choose a ceramic one?

The column ceramic wasbasin is among the most versatile and easily combines with any other sanitary fixture. In fact, it is generally among the most used because the combination with modern and classic furniture is comfortable and beautiful.

If we want to enhance the style, we focus on a mirror made of wrought iron and the minimal but precious touch will be perfectly noticed.

While being modern, its retro charm is able to customize every type of furniture with style.

The ceramic washbasin is among the most comfortable that you can use, one of its strengths is to minimize splashes of water on the floors. Furthermore, with its column structure it is able to guarantee a long life and prolonged use over time.


Before talking about bathroom washbasins, we need to look specifically at the advantages of this material. First of all, ceramic is very resistant, and hardly subject to pronounced wear, and reacts well to any impact.

Its deterioration occurs less frequently than almost all other materials.

It can be easily cleaned with chemicals without altering, so you should not pay too much attention to the choice of detergents.

Aesthetically, it gives us the opportunity to choose from many options: the most varied colors, numerous decorations and perfect dimensions for each surface.


Choosing a ceramic column wasbasin guarantees high versatility, as it easily combines with all other sanitary fixtures. For this reason, it is generally among the most used.

Adaptable to the design of any bathroom, thanks to its simplicity, it will be perfect both for a modern and minimal decor, and for a classic and baroque one.

Its retro charm is able to customize every type of furniture with style. If you want to add a touch of design, focus on a mirror made of wrought iron. In fact, this discreet but precious detail will enhance the style.

Another point in favor of this type of washbasin is the price: the processing of ceramics is widespread, especially in Italy.

In fact, this material has a lower cost than steel or stone, and can be an advantageous alternative for those who want to spend a little less, while maintaining an elegant and classy design.

One of its strengths is also to minimize splashes of water on the floors. In fact, it is an extremely comfortable and convenient sink to use and clean.

With its column structure it is able to guarantee a long life and prolonged use over time.


The ceramic washbasin is a very important bathroom furnishing element that can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the home environment.

On the market, there are many different models of washbasins with different characteristics, to adapt to any furnishing style. In this article, we will illustrate which models to choose and their advantages.


One of the most common types of ceramic washbasin is undoubtedly the column model. It is a bathroom sink with a large and deep tub and is supported by a ceramic base fixed to the ground.

It can be purchased in many different styles: rounded, oval and square. The column ceramic washbasin is very versatile and easy to combine with sanitary ware.

Its use is particularly suitable for classic bathroom furnishings and can be enhanced by wrought iron mirrors or with a wooden frame. Here are its main advantages:

  • The cost of this product is much lower than that of modern washbasins. This makes it a good choice also for secondary bathrooms and in holiday homes;
  • It has a retro charm that enhances traditional environments and can be customized as you wish;
  • In general, this type of washbasin is always sold in combination with other sanitary ware. Therefore, by purchasing the line it is possible to obtain a harmonious and elegant bathroom furniture.
  • The large size of this washbasin makes it very comfortable to use when performing daily hygiene practices. In addition, it also manages to collect powerful jets of water, without creating splashes on the floor;
  • The column structure is stable and robust and guarantees high durability performance, even many years after its purchase.

Overall, the washbasin with column is a functional and convenient product, suitable for those who want to renovate the bathroom by focusing on practicality rather than design.



The lay-on washbasin is a modern variant of the classic bathroom sink. It is a sink, more or less capacious, placed on a perforated surface, such as a console and top for washbasins.

In addition to the classic ceramic version, it can be purchased in innovative and suggestive materials, such as: corian, marble, wood, glass and many others. The shape of the ceramic lay-on washbasin can be oval, rectangular, round or cylindrical.

Thanks to its original and elegant design, it gives a touch of style to modern bathroom furniture, making it unique. It is a compact and small-sized product that can be easily installed even in small bathrooms.


Among the advantages offered by the lay-on washbasin we have:

  • It has a refined and refined aesthetic that makes the bathroom well-kept and original;
  • It is sold in many different models and materials, to adapt to every need;
  • It is a space-saving solution for small bathrooms. Being without a base, it is possible to place furniture and drawers in the space below to store bathroom linen;
  • It allows you to customize the bathroom furniture in complete freedom, without being bound by the use of standardized lines;
  • The countertop sink can be combined with many types of sanitary ware, creating harmonious environments;
  • The countertop makes this washbasin stable and robust and easy to replace;
  • The price of the ceramic lay-on washbasin is accessible.

The lay-on model is an attractive choice, for all lovers of design furnishings. It can represent a good compromise for those who need a compact and convenient product, without renouncing a well-groomed aesthetic.


An alternative to the column washbasin is the ceramic washbasin with a suspension structure. The dimensions of this product are large and comfortable, similar to those of classic sinks.

The main feature of this model concerns the absence of a support base that makes the washbasin appear suspended in the air.

Thanks to the special plugs, the product is securely fixed to the wall, leaving the area below empty. This solution for bathroom furniture is highly appreciated especially by those who have small rooms and need to save space.

With this type of installation, in fact, floor cleaning is simpler and space can be recovered to insert furniture and drawers where to store towels and personal hygiene products.

An alternative is the ceramic washbasin with a semi-column structure, equipped with a small suspended column that covers the pipes, masking them from view. The advantages of the suspended washbasin are:

  • It is an easy-to-install model and allows rapid maintenance of the underlying pipes;
  • The washbasin is large and spacious and can also be used with intense water flows, without wetting the floor;
  • It takes up little space and can also be used in rooms of a few square meters in size;
  • It has a sober and versatile design, easily combined with most of the sanitary fixtures on the market;
  • It allows easier cleaning of the bathroom, without having to be forced to take uncomfortable positions to reach hidden corners;
  • Underneath the suspended washbasin, it is possible to place furniture and objects of all kinds, expanding the use surface of the bathroom;
  • Generally, this type of product has medium-high costs, depending on the materials used and the brand purchased;
  • It can be found without problems in the main chains of bathroom furniture stores;
  • It is available in many different formats and sizes.

This model focuses entirely on practicality of use and is suitable for young and dynamic environments, where a wise use of space is essential to improve the quality of daily life.



As we have just seen, the sink is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the bathroom, given that it immediately catches the eye of those who enter. In addition, it is often right in the center of the bathroom, therefore important also to give an identity to the environment in general.

We have also seen the particular and various advantages of using a resistant, inexpensive and design material such as ceramic. In fact, in addition to its long life, the low price is also very practical since it is washable with all types of detergents and hardly spoils.

In addition, a ceramic sink is able to adapt to different types of design style, so do not be afraid to insert it in particular furnishings: it is unlikely that it will contrast!


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