Do you want to make your living room at home elegant, without having to give up comfortable but at the same time elegant environments?! With the chamois color you will not go wrong.

In the Pantone system the suede color is identified with the code 16-1144 in which you can find various shades ranging from yellow to brown. Also known by the name of Oak Buff, the light and if you want also the materials that will harmonize your environments.

The Oak Buff recalls the color of wood and the yellow of leather. For this you can indulge yourself, creating unique contrasts between furnishing accessories and upholstery of armchairs, cushions, carpets and curtains.



Very often you will have found yourself having to choose a new color to renew your living room, you have wondered. What could be the best color, to give a warmer, welcoming but at the same time elegant touch to an environment?

A demanding choice, if it is an area like the living room, where you spend most of your time. One of the most suitable colors to meet your needs will surely be the chamois color.

Thanks to the different shades that characterize this color, you can choose the one that suits you best. You can also opt for two different shades, in order to create effects of lights and shadows, as well as a certainly relaxing and harmonious effect.

To highlight a single wall of your living room, you can use the lighter shade for the wall of your interest, painting the others with the darker shade. Even better if there are fireplaces, columns or arches in marble or stone. Finally, if you want to make your ceiling wider and lower, you will have to color it with a darker shade than the rest.



What makes an environment unique is certainly the furniture that will go even better to define the atmosphere you want to create in your living room. This will depend a lot on your tastes, because with this color you can really do what you want! If you love classic style, you can choose chandeliers and / or candelabra with gold / bronze or chamois decorations or glass spheres that create contrasts.

Do you feel more comfortable in a retro environment? Which recalls the past and therefore a vintage style? Then you can’t miss an old trunk to use as a support surface, a wooden or marble coffee table.

If, on the other hand, you are in step with the times and therefore opt for a modern style, even in this case it will not be difficult to satisfy your desires, choosing lacquered furniture, against furniture, cupboards and sideboards with a contemporary style.


As for sofas, armchairs and cushions, the fabrics that best suit the chamois color are certainly. Nubuck leather and velvets. The highlight of your living room will certainly be the sofa, obviously not only look at aesthetics, but also at comfort! A nubuck sofa is aesthetically very elegant and refined, soft and comfortable to the touch and seat. The effect is very similar to that of velvet, which you can choose to cover the cushions of your sofa, thus creating a contrast of fabrics.

Even if you love the classic leather sofa, you can match it perfectly thanks to the different shades of chamois on the market.


Also in this case, in addition to the color, the fabric must also be considered. As for the curtains, in the living area it is always preferable to use light fabrics and light colors.

The carpet, on the other hand, is a timeless must-have in the living room and is usually placed in the sofa area. There are thousands of variations in the upholstery sector, truly for every taste. From the classic Persian oriental carpet to the most original patterns such as in animal style. Furthermore, if you have a large space at your disposal, you can best complete this relaxation area with puffs, so as to give a final exotic touch.


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