Joya Stone washbasin

The washbasin Cipì Joya arise from river stones carved and polished. Each piece has its own color, the edge sanding has variable dimensions that adapt to the shape of the original stone.

The interior may have variegations, partridge eyes or shades of matter and each shape is unique and different.

Joya lay-on washbasins are produced in hand-crafted river stone, with colors that change from gray with hazelnut to anthracite shades with amber reflections.

The processing of these washbasins is very particular, almost unique in its kind: in fact, they are polished internally while nature is deliberately left outside.

Each piece of the Joya collection is unique, the one photographed is an unrepeatable example in series.

Three washbasin models are available, different in weight and size, all with a height of 15 cm: Medium, Largeand XXL.



Cipì Joya washbasins are unique pieces in step with the times, currently very popular.

The Joya collection follows a trend of design increasingly focused on a style of rustic furniture with the use of completely natural products.

The use of natural materials, such as stone, is perfect for giving refinement, elegance and a touch of class to the environment. They are more suitable in prestigious environments to which they confer personality and character.

At the same time the different varieties and colors allow a wide range of solutions: in fact, the characteristics of the stonechange according to the extraction location and each slab is unique precisely because of the play of veins and shades.

When it comes to stone furnishings, it is necessary to carefully study the context in which they are inserted. We need to design a balanced, precise and accurate solution down to the smallest detail.

On the one hand, the design element must fit perfectly into the space available, on the other it must adapt completely to the characteristics of the reference environment.

For more information about Cipì Joya washbasins or for further advice on how to insert it in your environment, do not hesitate to visit the technical data sheet on our portal!