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Do-it-yourself is always an exciting and rewarding idea, since you have the opportunity to test your manual skills, as well as to think about the environment with the opportunity to do creative recycling. Among the simplest projects for the self-production of objects for the home, the one of a clothes hangers certainly stands out.

Comfortable, colorful, completely recycled: the possibilities to make it are the most disparate, just give free rein to the imagination.

The clothes hanger is one of the always very useful furnishing accessories, which should never be missing at home because it helps us to keep everything in order. It also gives us the opportunity to free overcrowded and disturbing closets.

The market offers many choices, especially for those who are very close to the three R theory: reuse, reduce and recycle.

So concentrate, because the combinations that can be created are so many, it’s up to you to give free rein to your imagination!


As with any DIY activity, the first things you need are patience, will, imagination and a minimum of practicality. In fact, if the activity is easy to carry out, we really need few tools. Let’s see what they are in the case of a clothes hanger:

  • Wooden board;
  • Recovery handles;
  • Acrylic colours;
  • Fixative.

As usual, we recommend that you always carry out your work in complete safety, especially in the presence of children.

So, in addition to these materials, the advice is to always use gloves, long-sleeved shirts and masks to avoid breathing for too long the vapors of the colors or chemicals used.

DIY wooden coat rack


The first thing to do is to have a plywood board cut in the chosen measure and sand it with medium grain sandpaper. Later you have to paint it in light gray and let it dry.

In addition, to make it aesthetically more beautiful and colorful, the advice is to paint each handle or patch with a different color. The final effect will certainly be more pleasant and impactful.

Once dry, it is important to apply a coat of clear fixative to ensure that the color does not spoil with use.

Finally, you need to screw the handles to the plywood and secure the latter with dowels strong enough to support its weight.

In addition, to greatly increase the aesthetic effect, a good advice would be to paint the wall in shades.

These are the basic steps to be able to create the clothe hanger that best suits your environment.

This does not mean that, thanks to your imagination or creativity, you can decide to modify some passages or add others.

Feel free to act as you see fit, ours are just simple practical advices. The job is all yours!

The do-it-yourself activity was born to test itself, showing off their manual skills and their technique.


Let’s see, in particular, some ideas on how to create your own clothe hanger.

The possibilities offered by the market are endless, in fact if you don’t have the right materials or products, just go to the first flea market nearby your home and you will find everything to carry out your activity.

These are just some of the ideas that we propose for your clothes hanger.


The knobs are one of the many must-haves in upcycling and are also useful in this case, as hooks for your clothes hanger.

Get a wooden board of your preferred size, glue the knobs with glue stick everything on its surface. He alternates between different knobs, stolen from yours grandmother’s furniture, for a not bad vintage effect.

Otherwise paint them with special glazes after having sanded them well.


It’s really easy and fun to make a coat rack by reusing old hangers. At the same time it’s a great exercise in creativity!

In fact, the procedure is very similar to that of the knobs, it is sufficient to recover a wooden board, possibly paint it with special paints after having sanded it, then apply the old handles with glue attaches everything.

clothes hangers


The pallets, more and more a material in vogue to create and give life to many pieces of furniture, from the headboard of a bed to planters, from the base of a sofa to a desk.

In addition, they can also be used to build original clothes hangers that will give a personal touch to the wardrobe.


A fantastic idea is to create clothes hangers coat rack with the creative recycling of old dishes (spoons, spoons, forks), simply folding them on themselves and sticking them on a wooden surface.

The same work can be done with scissors, knobs or handles. The beauty of DIY activities is that you can give free rein to your imagination and creativity.


Another very imaginative idea could be to recreate a tree with the branches as hangers with recycled material. Very simple and intuitive solutions, perfect for the children’s room, will transport them into nature without them even noticing!


An old support ladder can be transformed in a few moves into a creative hanger for the entrance.

Sand the ladder, paint it in a shade that suits the destination context, then hang it from the ceiling, in a horizontal position, helping you with ropes of a certain thickness.

Alternatively you can hang it like a shelf, equipping it with special brackets to fix it to the wall. Add the hangers on the rungs and you’re done.


I would say there are something for everyone, right? Then choose the one you like best, make a list of the things you will need to make it happen and get to work immediately.

As you can see, creating a clothes hanger is a simple realization activity. Plus, it’s a great way to get your things in order and, finally, give some air to your rooms.

In short, the creative and unconventional ways to make a comfortable clothes hanger are truly infinite.

In this regard, just free your imagination and start looking around to see if we find something that can do for us, starting from simple crutches up to the most imaginative objects.


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