The coplanar wardrobe is increasingly trendy in the world of furniture. Functional and practical solution, allows you to make the best use of space. In fact, thanks to this type of wardrobe, you will be able to organize your rooms at best, without the fear of having to give up some particular type of furniture due to lack of space.

Coplanar solutions represent a novelty in the room furnishings. In fact, it is on these types of doors that designers are able to propose new stylistic solutions, based on the combination of different materials.

In addition, the maximum formal cleaning and design is achieved with these types of wardrobes, thanks also to the greater width of the doors. They are made only by producers who have chosen a high quality level for their collections.

This is because the type of mechanism “demands” an absolute quality of the materials and of the sliding mechanism itself. These wardrobes have the doors aligned in such a way that when closed, they still have a “monolithic” appearance.

The peculiarity of the opening mechanism lies in the fact that when we open the coplanar cabinet, the track system moves the door outwards simultaneously with its sliding.

Finally, there are many finishes on the market, from glossy to matt lacquers, from colored glasses to essences.



In any case, it should be remembered that the depths of all the sliding wardrobes are still quite greater than those possible with hinged doors. This is to be considered a factor to reflect on, because apart from the aesthetic reason, in fact, very few other space / functional situations make this type of opening necessary.

The most common is undoubtedly the one that obliges to have bulky volumes, placed right near the front of the furniture.

This is the case, quite frequent, in which we find ourselves when we must necessarily place the bedside table in front of the wardrobe. In this situation, the only possibility is to equip the coplanar wardrobe with a door that, sliding, avoids occupying the space that would take the same door by opening if it were “hinged”.

Another fairly common case is when you have to struggle with the little space remaining deep between the bed and the wardrobe. Also in this case the sliding doors are very useful.

In fact, they allow the person who intends to open them to remain standing in front of the coplanar wardrobe and to carry out all the necessary operations inside.


In all cases it is important to be sure that sliding is easy and silent. For some years, “quality” wardrobes have even been equipped with closing and opening dampers which make their use silent and “soft”. A real sciccheria that costs from 50 to 100 euros per door.

In the case of doors mounted externally, they must be equipped with a metal profile that covers the trolley that runs above the track at the base of the furniture. It serves to preserve the mechanism from dust. In this type of wardrobe, dust can be a problem.

To prevent, for example, lint and moths from infiltrating inside closed doors, the seals are very important. In fact, fixed to the leaf in the form of a linear toothbrush, when closing they seal the crack at the meeting point with the other leaf, and with the structure itself.

Similar seal, in some cabinets it also runs horizontally on the base, to block the entry of dust even from below.


Perfect smoothness and long-lasting operation are only ensured if the base is linear, perfectly flat and remains non-deformable over time.

For this reason, the quality of the assembly is really an essential factor when buying a coplanar wardrobe!

In fact, only an excellent fitter can make those many micro-adjustments that are absolutely necessary when mounting a slide. In fact, the approximation in these cases is deleterious and can also cause damage in terms of safety.

In fact, nobody would ever want to see a door as large as those of sliding wardrobes fall on them!



On average, wardrobes with sliding doors cost more compared to those equipped with hinged doors, precisely because of the mechanisms that regulate their opening and closing.

But apart from the budget, are there only advantages in purchasing these compact, beautiful, space-saving, capacious furniture? Among the drawbacks, moreover, there is the fact that the sliding door does not open on all compartments, thus leaving part of the contents covered.

On average, then, the weight of the doors is a little heavier when compared with those of the swing opening. It is also not possible to integrate a mirror inside the sliding door.

Then pay attention to the seals and the door profiles. These, in fact, must be robust and effective for use and also to keep dust at bay.

Finally, the recent Porro proposals of the Storage wardrobe system focus on finishes and customizations. In fact, the doors are embellished with recessed metal handles with leather covering and among the finishes there is that of “filtered transparency”.


About sliding doors of the coplanar wardrobe. In addition to checking the design that determines the style of the bedroom, make sure that the sliding mechanism is easy to handle and equipped with shock absorbers.

These, in fact, are useful not only for silent operation, but above all to efficiently accompany the closing-opening stroke and relative speed.

It should also be noted that even for the coplanar wardrobe it is possible to organize the interiors by better managing the arrangement of clothing and accessories. This is possible thanks to a wide range of customizations, as are the possibilities to cut the furniture doors to size by choosing the most varied colors, materials, coatings.


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