Lately we hear more and more about the corner sofa bed, but what is it?

The living room is the ideal place for daily relaxation and the place where we meet with family and friends, and has always had its protagonist, the sofa. It’s the first thing you notice when you enter the living area, plus it’s the family’s favourite place to relax when they get home, watch TV, read, take a nap and even have a snack.

More and more furniture choices tend to combine aesthetics and functionality and the answer to this combo lies in the corner sofa bed. The sofa bed is a transformable or transforming piece of furniture, because in a single product it offers two distinct and complementary functions: a comfortable sofa during the day and a welcoming bed at night.



The main reasons that lead the customer to purchase a corner sofa bed can be summarised as follows:

  • Small houses that do not allow the positioning of the sofa and bed
  • Need to accommodate relatives or friends and ensure excellent rest, much more comfortable than folding cots or pouf beds.
  • By purchasing a sofa bed you have a product with a double function: sofa and bed. For the price of one product you have two practical and functional solutions that allow you to save on the initial purchase.
  • With its unmistakable L-shape, it enhances the environment by creating a real corner for socializing and fills the large spaces, creating a sort of separate and welcoming environment.

Moreover, we can safely say that the corner sofa bed has become a truly trendy design element. In fact, many people decide to buy it regardless of its functionality, but simply because it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


When placed in the middle of the room, the corner sofa bed creates an intimate corner in the living room separate from the rest of the house, increasing pleasure and relaxation. But it can also be placed in other places, such as on the wall, under or near the window, the important thing is to preserve the balance and harmony already existing in the living room and not to affect its functionality. The best position, therefore, should be identified according to the size and shape of the room that will accommodate it.



Colour also plays a fundamental role in creating harmony in the entire living room, so it’s a good idea to pay attention to the colour of the other furniture, the walls, the size of the room and the brightness. For example, a corner sofa bed in a light colour will give the impression that the living room is larger and is therefore perfect for smaller rooms. Or a sofa in a vibrant color, such as red, can create a fantastic eye-catcher in a living room where white is predominant. However, the trend of the moment remains tone on tone, with a preference for neutral tones (beige, white, ivory, cream).


Since it is a corner sofa bed, it is important to look not only at the aesthetic side but also at the comfort. Comfort means practicality of the opening and closing mechanism and comfort of the mattress. As far as the latter is concerned, we recommend that you always prefer mattresses between 12 and 17 cm thick. The support can be in electrowelded net, ideal with many mechanisms, with elastic belts, or with slats, also telescopic.

It is also important to consider where to put cushions and blankets: in many cases there are storage compartments, for example in the corner part of the sofa.

Another important accessory can be the handle to facilitate the opening of the bed and a feature not to be underestimated is the ability to raise the height of the headrest to increase even more the comfort. If it was also equipped with a side with electric footrest … getting up from the sofa bed would become really complicated!


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