In country style houses cannot miss typical, imposing and refined details, such as chandeliers. But what are the best choices when it comes to colors, materials and shapes? Let’s find out together.

In homes that are steeped in country atmospheres, you can breathe in styles inspired by farms, country cottages and rural, farming life. In fact, it is very common to use some materials and objects from everyday country life to furnish and embellish houses.

The country style was born from this, but today it has evolved into something more refined, a true stylistic current in which it is possible to recreate environments with real pieces of art. The country furnishings take on warm and welcoming tones and everything is positioned according to a precise criterion.

Definitely not an essential style, but rather spaces full of objects and large furniture are preferred. The fabrics chosen are also very rich and the same goes for lamps and chandeliers. Let’s start the journey to find out which chandeliers are perfect for country style.


Our first proposal starts from a simple base but at the same time perfectly in the country theme. The rope is one of the elements always present in real country life and turning it into a design object is a winning move.

In many stores dedicated to lighting you can find various models of this chandelier, more or less large, depending on your needs. An alternative can be to compose as you like, buying in the hardware stores very well-stocked the electric wires of rope, the length and color we prefer.

If you want acountry but chic and refined idea, you can opt for wrought iron and rope chandeliers with particular shapes, such as circles and knots.



The rope that we saw in the first proposal for country chandeliers is also present here, in its evolution. The rope, in fact, in this case represents part of the structure and is perfectly integrated with the iron base. The wheel, however, is the real star.

This chandelier was made by welding supports for the bulbs throughout the inside perimeter of the wheel itself. Sublime.

If your house is very high, such as an attic or a house on several levels, you can also opt for a chandelier made of wheels that is equipped, however, with a chain or a long pendant of the previous one.


This chandelier manages to embody all the main elements of country style. It starts with a lantern, with a very classic shape. The lantern is maintained by a chain forked in two directions, at the ends of which a piece of wood worked in the shape of a horseshoe has been inserted, and decorated in turn with rounds of cords.

A very scenic chandelier with vintage tones, which can also be made at home by recycling old heirlooms.


How can you give up wild, nature-given details in your country home?

Every year, before winter and hibernation, reindeer, deer or elk, and so the various animals of these species, lose their less developed antlers. Many collectors, on their walks in the woods, can find many of these. From these walks are born, so, real pieces of design like this chandelier.

This chandelier is truly a magical artifact, with real horns and bulbs that echo the shape of candles. It is a perfect piece of furniture and emblematic of country style. No animals are mistreated for antlers, that’s the real plus point. An essential furnishing accessory.


Here is one of the most popular materials for the realization of country style chandeliers:wrought iron.

The classic shapes of the chandeliers used since their invention is transformed into a perfectly country object thanks to the inclusion of a few details, such as the base of the corolla bulb and the color of the black and white structure.



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