Increasingly loved and sought after, country style has taken over magazines and among furniture enthusiasts. The secret of this style lies in the right balance between rustic and modern elements.

The name “Country” or “Rustico ” (country=rustic) has been heard often in recent years and is no longer just exclusive to wedding planners. This term certainly conjures up images of ceremonies in renovated farmhouses and centrepieces with glass jars, but it has now also become synonymous with a much-loved furnishing style, thanks to its reassuring appearance and ability to blend tradition and modernity in a harmonious and fresh way.

Thanks to Country, the rustic style is no longer relegated to country houses, but also fits perfectly into city houses.

However, at first glance, a contemporary and elegant rustic decor style can be a bit elusive and difficult to bring into one’s home. The balance between “rustic” and “chic” can be decidedly shaky, and it’s hard to figure out how to blend the two so that the overall look is welcoming yet contemporary.


Country Chic furniture is inspired by old farms and country homes, particularly those in the northeastern United States, which are characterized by a focus onessentiality and practicality.

It is necessary to make the country style more informal and welcoming so that it can be transposed to our city homes and not remain a niche style for country homes. In this regard it is important to use furniture with clean lines, very natural colors and try to contain as much as possible with the decorations, since they could be bulky and annoying.

Natural and raw fabrics such as linen, cotton, jute are popular choices for rustic chic furnishings. From here we can see that the country style plays a lot with the contrasts of light and dark, both in colors and textures.

Also, a key aspect of this style is DIY. In fact, to give even more the idea and identify with the life of country houses, reusing old disused objects to give them a new life by creating other furnishing elements, is very important for the country style.

Finally, let’s clarify once and for all about country chic style. In fact, the latter is not entirely a country house style; on the contrary, its function is precisely to create a contrast with that environment thanks to the inclusion of modern and functional pieces within its furniture. So, choose modern furniture with simple, elegant, linear lines and pay special attention to practicality.


To make a home look modern use furniture with a contemporary design in addition to the rustic style. Important: choose simple shapes and stick to neutral colors like white, gray or black.

As mentioned above, contrasts also play an important role in the modern style of country homes. Combining old and new furniture creates a modern atmosphere with interesting details that can be combined surprisingly well.


A unique and very creative type of country style is the French style. In fact, there is no single definition of this style, and each place has developed the most imaginative and creative combinations to bring it to life. For example, the French one is often influenced by maritime influences. Blue and white are combined with earth tones. In the style of country decor in France, terracotta tiles or clay pots are often used.

Natural materials are a good choice for wall and floor design: stone, clay, terracotta and wood are particularly suitable.


Unlike the French country style, England uses many fabrics with patterns that exude pure coziness. Wallpapers and fabrics with extravagant floral or checkered patterns characterize the ensemble.

In addition, the English rustic style is extremely comfortable, albeit with a rather peculiar meaning of the term.

Particularly typical of the style are the colours brown, ochre, red, terracotta, dark green, gold and emerald. Make sure you always combine dark furniture against a light background!



A perfect Country style furnishing represents a homage to the romantic past of out-of-town houses enriched by the functionalities and innovative solutions of today’s life, an invitation to take care of oneself and of the others in environments that offer unforgettable moments of serene conviviality.


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