If you want to buy 3D decorative wall panels and need advice, this is the right place for you. Here you will find the ranking of the best products available on the market today and a lot of useful information that will guide you in your choice: the factors to be evaluated to find the right product with our comments, many useful tips and much more. Here is an interesting way to make the walls of your home original and personalized.

Do you know what a decorative wall panel is? These are removable walls very easy to assemble that allow you to radically change the atmosphere of a room with very few interventions! But how to choose the right panel? And what does the market offer?


Decorative wall panel is a large, ready-to-use slab of wall covering used to decorate a surface or elegantly cover a somewhat dated wall covering. Unlike bricks and battens, which must be hand glued one by one, decorative panels are pre-assembled, sold in large 2 or 3 m² packages, and can be joined or cut to suit your needs.

The special size of the panels allow you to cover large portions of the wall with an ease and speed disarming and are therefore ideal for all those who fear having to do long renovations or are not really aces of DIY.

Wall panels are a beautiful, inexpensive, and fast solution for changing wall coverings, making them a great option to consider for home staging efforts as well. Finally, they contribute to the acoustic insulation of the home.



Decorative wall coverings offer many benefits:

  • are very easily laid with glue and plaster.
  • you can also apply them to existing tiles.
  • In addition to decorating, they perform the function of insulation and prevent the formation of mold caused by excessive moisture.
  • cover damaged walls or imperfect plaster.
  • some materials improve the thermal and acoustic insulation of your home.


Did you ever think you’d have an all-wave wall? These decorative interior panels, made of ceramic or bamboo, have geometric patterns with three-dimensional effects that with the lighting of the room create very interesting effects of shadows and light. They are lightweight, easy to cut and install. You can also apply them on old tiles in the kitchen or bathroom, completely renewing the look of the room; you can also paint them with water-based paints and enamels in the color you want.


To choose a painting, the first thing to do is to decide in which room to place it. In the bedroom we will not use strong or bright colors but we will use but for example we could choose cooler colors or relaxing subjects such as paintings depicting the sea or nature in all its beautiful forms.
In the living room we can use more vivid colors and subjects such as our fantastic paintings “COLORS & FUN” or “POP ART & COMICS”.


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