TheDIY bookcase is the perfect piece of furniture for those who are fond of both DIY activities and reading.

In fact, for this type of person what can be more beautiful and stimulating than creating your own library, from which to pick up the much loved books that fill your days?

The bookcase is a fairly bulky piece of furniture and, if we decided to buy it, it wouldn’t be too cheap.

But here is a solution that will allow you to save on one side and, on the other, to have the satisfaction of having built with your hands and your creativity, such an important and significant piece of furniture!

It is not a too complicated activity and if, as usual, we are armed with patience, a lot of will and a pinch of practicality, we will succeed quietly to create the bookcase of our dreams.

In fact, in this article we propose different ideas to be able to create your own bookcase from scratch, using different materials and different design ideas, to make it unique and exclusive as if it had been carved and brought home by our trusted carpenter.


First of all, we will start by proposing the idea of creating a bookcase from scratch, starting from a pine panel and, later, we will go to see a little more “exclusive”, particular and imaginative ideas.


First of all, we assume that we can direct our choice towards a pine panel, to be left in its natural state or to give a coat of transparent varnish.

Based on the space available and the books to be placed let’s assume we have to make a 240 cm high, 200 cm wide bookcase, 35 cm deep, positioning the shelves at a distance of 40 cm from each other.

In addition, we will purchase a 3 cm thick pine panel from a specialist dealer, considering the weight of the books, which we will cut according to our needs.

Finally, the shelves will be assembled to the uprights by means of strips obtained from the same pine panel. The closing shelf will be placed directly on the uprights and fixed with screws.


Whatyou need to accomplish this activity are a few but essential tools, including:

  • First of all, screwdriver;
  • Pencil;
  • Afterwards, drawing square;
  • Level;
  • Meter;
  • At last, hammer.

In addition, you will need:

  • 2 lateral uprights of 35 x 240 cm;
  • 5 shelves of 194 x 35 cm;
  • 1 top closing shelf of 200 x 35 cm;
  • 10 strips 3 x 3 cm section 34 cm long;
  • A panel of noble pine wood plywood of 200 x 240 cm, for closing the bottom;
  • 5 cm self-tapping screws;
  • At last, 2.5 – 3 cm tacks.


Here are the various steps to create the bookcase of our dreams.

First of all, mark the exact position where to fix the strips to the uprights, using the meter to measure distances, of the drawing square, to trace the guidelines and level to check their accuracy.

Then fix the strips to the uprights by aligning them with the bottom, using the screwdriver drill and the self-tapping 5 cm wood screws.

In addition, raise the two uprights and, spacing them at the base with a shelf that you will rest on the floor, fix the cover panel, using the screwdriver of self-tapping screws once again, then, using a hammer and nails, fix the plywood panel on the bottom of the bookcase. In fact, the latter in addition to the aesthetic function, will make the bookcase solid and compact.

It’s time to fix the screws. In fact, the screws fixing the shelves to the support strips must be screwed from the bottom upwards, so that the shelf is completely clean.

Finally, using the screwdriver as a drill, fix the bookcase on the wall with screws and plugs, by means of 2 angles to be anchored to the cover shelf. Here is the time, finally, to position your beloved books!


In addition, if you are a lover of creative recycling and you want to build a bookcase reusing products that would have been thrown away, we have other interesting ideas to offer you here. Let’s see what they are.


Crates from fruit are easy to retrieve, lightweight and versatile. Let’s see how turn them into a bookcase in a few simple steps.

  • First of all, get enough boxes to make the bookcase of the shape and size you prefer;
  • Take some fine-grained sandpaper to eliminate imperfections;
  • After having sanded, a coat of wood varnish passes. Choose the color you prefer and that best suits your decor;
  • Once the paint has dried, a coat of transparent flatting passes, it will give a touch of brightness to the color;
  • Assemble the boxes together according to the arrangement you prefer (next to each other, or at alternating heights) served with a wood glue, apply it between one box and the other and wait for it to dry;
  • If you prefer you can place your bookcase on the wall using screws and a drill;
  • Finally, take your favorite books and place them in your new bookcase.


Even the old stairs lend themselves well to being reused to create bookcases and whether it’s the classic pegs ladders or support ladders, with a pinch of inventiveness and a coat of paint can become real design objects.

  • Take an old step ladder; for example those in wood, capable of giving a more vintage look to the finished work;
  • After having properly sanded it, with the fine-grained sandpaper, paint it with a paint suitable for wood. Choose the color you prefer;
  • Lay on the rungs of the boards you previously cut to size, thus creating shelves;
  • If the ladder is made of wood, fix the shelves with simple nails; otherwise use a universal glue.

Your new library is ready, you just have to place it where you prefer!

  • The first operation always remains the same, that is, sand the surface with sandpaper to eliminate all imperfections;
  • Then paint with the color you prefer, maybe a different color from the color of the wall, in this way the contrast will be greater and the final result highly effective.
  • Get 2 hooks to fix to the wall;
  • Fix the ladder horizontally to the wall using hooks;
  • Place your books on the pegs just as if they were shelves.

In a few steps you will have a capacious and functional and certainly original bookcase!


Finally, creating a bookcase with the pallet is a simple and impressive work, in line with the current trends of shabby chic furniture. The pallet is inexpensive and easily available, capable of giving the environment a touch of elegance and simplicity.

To create a library with the pallet you need:

  • A polished Epal pallet in very good condition;
  • Impregnating varnish for wood;
  • At last, a wide brush.

Instead, as regards the various steps for setting up the bookcase:

  • First, we make small customized planks so as to create shelves;
  • Then we attach the planks to our pallet;
  • We proceed by painting homogeneously and trying to cover all the cracks and any nails;
  • To obtain a shabby chic effect, it will be enough apply an additional coat of paint of the same grade and once dry scratch it with an abrasive paper, the antiqued effect is guaranteed!
  • Once dry you can fix it to the wall with special dowels.

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