If you are looking for ideas to decorate your terrace or outdoors in a nice and neat way without spending a fortune this could be the article for you.

Owning a home with a deck means you have extra space to think about. In fact, the terrace needs care and dedication just like any other house.

If we have a small budget we can choose to decorate our terrace with someDIY ideas that allow us to spend little and use all our creativity.

So let’s see what ideas we can choose to decorate our garden spending little.


Greenery is the fundamental part of any DIY terrace. Instead of buying plants that are already grown and beautiful to look at, we can choose to buy seeds, bulbs, or seedlings that are still young and plant them on our DIY terrace and then let them grow in peace. Choosing small, still-growing plants allows us to save a substantial amount of money, but with more initial attention and a longer wait to see our DIY terrace completely covered in greenery.

Obviously, by opting for very young plants, we choose to take very constant care of our green space and to devote more time to it initially, until plants and saplings become vigorous.



We can choose to decorate our DIY terrace with a lighting system. Today it is possible to find inexpensive terrace lighting systems, but as an alternative we can choose to use lanterns or create them ourselves by recycling materials at home.

To create lanterns with recycled material we can reuse some materials such as tin, the classic empty paint cans and put them back to new. First of all we have to remove all traces of paint, after which we can coat them, decorate them and create holes of different sizes through which the light will pass. If we are looking for a more common material then we can turn to glass jars.

We all have them in our homes and use many of them in different shapes. We can decorate the jars as we prefer, among the most popular methods we find lace, painted decorations, single light colouring. Inside them insert a candle to be lit if necessary to have our DIY lantern working. Needless to say, when dealing with electricity and electrical components, it is always necessary to go to specialized centers and purchase only components with CE marking and IMQ safety certifications.


Do you have any leftover tile in the house? Very often during renovations, materials are always leftover. Especially when we talk about tiles we always buy more than we need and so why not use them to create an outdoor flooring. There is always in every do-it-yourself terrace an area where maybe a gazebo, a table is inserted. Obviously, even in the arrangement of these tiles we must use imagination, a straight line may be useless and not very creative, we can play with curved lines or color contrasts if we have tiles of different colors.


Have you ever thought about furnishing your DIY terrace with pallets? In DIY, pallets, or wooden pallets usually used for storage and transport of building materials. They are very popular in the trade and are used to make a little bit of everything.

With the same method we can also make other DIY terrace furniture. Mini armchairs, garden tables or even practical deck chairs where you can lie down and sunbathe on summer days. If you have young children, for example, you can make a small children’s home where they can play quietly during the summer. Pallets are easy to find, e.g. they are readily available outside supermarkets or retailers.

Another very cute idea is to use decorated wooden boxes to hang flowers and planes on your DIY terrace. There are plenty of ideas for decorating the terrace and material to recycle to use for this purpose also. Just give vent to your creativity, have patience and desire to do and we will be able to create a do-it-yourself terrace spending little.


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