“Be wary of people who don’t like animals” is a phrase that holds a huge truth. A person who treats animals badly will certainly not be able to treat a human being well. Having said this, we want to share some ideas with you to insert a fantastic doghouse inside your home that does not clash with the furniture!

Have you decided to take a dog? Do you want him to sleep in the house? The first thing you need to do is obviously go looking for a doghouse.

Luckily, there are many different models of indoor dog beds available today. These can adapt perfectly to your dog’s size, sensitivity to heat or cold, and specific needs.

In fact, you have to realize that inserting a kennel in your home is a bit like inserting a piece of furniture. An element, therefore, that cannot be considered only functional, but must also be evaluated on the basis of its beauty.


Precisely for this reason we can only advise you to choose indoor doghousesthat are in line with your furniture.

So choose a color that is the same or similar to the one you have chosen for the furnishings, without daring shades that would be too bright.

Better to avoid fantasies also, unless your environment is really very aseptic and you don’t want to find a way to liven it up a bit.

Although you have chosen a doghouse that blends perfectly with the other elements of the environment, there is the possibility that you don’t like to see it too close to the furniture you have chosen for the home.

This is a more than normal reaction, because after all the doghouse will always have a slightly foreign taste. Precisely for this reason we recommend that you make some space in the house, trying to create a small corner entirely dedicated to your four-legged friend, a little far away from the furniture, at least a couple of meters.

Here you can place the doghouse, but also the bowls for food and water and some games to which your puppy is particularly fond of. You will see that this position will really please your puppy!


How many indoor doghouses to buy? It may seem like a trivial question, in fact everyone is told that a doghouse is more than enough. However, we can assure you that this is not the case at all.

In our opinion, you must buy at least a couple of doghouses. In this way, in fact, you will have the opportunity to insert a doghouse in the living room, in the area of the house that is more experienced by the whole family, and a doghouse instead in the bedroom so that your four-legged friend can be with you at night.

Of course the two doghouses do not have to be the same, because you will choose them based on the type of furniture in the two rooms. At the same time, however, try to avoid buying two products that are too different from each other.

The animals are in fact habitual and could otherwise fall in love with only one of the two doghouses, without ever using the other instead.


First of all, it must be said that to create the perfect doghouse, in wood, plastic (PVC) or other materials, the first element to consider is certainly the recipient of your creation.

Here, then, it is important to evaluate and adapt the project with extreme care to the needs and characteristics of your dog.

The doghouse, design or simpler, must in any case be purchased to measure, so as to allow the animal to be able to lie comfortably inside, but also to remain on all fours without any difficulty.

Comfort is therefore the password to start your doghouse, either in wood or plastic (PVC), for outdoor or indoor use.

Another fundamental aspect is the intended use of the doghouse. Depending on whether it will be placed inside the house or outside, it will naturally have different characteristics. Greater resistance and a structure that closes the upper part in case of outdoor doghouse; softness and possibility of movement for the indoor version.



Following the modern taste, we also want to give you some ideas to create a fantastic designer doghouse for the interior of the house.

There are many valid and very simple alternatives to create a do it yourselfdoghouse by adopting creative recycling and among these it is possible to take advantage of old sweaters. Let’s see how to do it below.

First you need to sew the hole for the head, then open the sweater well by spreading it on a flat surface. Fill both the sleeves and the whole body with foam rubber, and then pass the sleeves around the rest, thus creating a soft edge that will be completed by tying the ends in a bow.

The result will be a round and colorful DIY doghouse. Of course, you can decide to add additional fabric elements, perhaps sewing them on the outside, creating your own custom designed doghouse.


So here are several ideas to create a functional and at the same time highly aesthetic space for our four-legged friends! Having an animal is wonderful, but sometimes it is not easy to find a place inside your home that is congenial for him and that fits perfectly with our style of furniture.

On the other hand, in any way we want to put it, the doghouse, in modern homes, has become a real piece of furniture. In fact, it is right to consider it as such and behave accordingly looking for the best possible solution to maintain a coherent and satisfactory design style with respect to our needs.

Not being an easy choice, in case you want advice about it or simply have doubts about where to place the doghouse or what type of material to buy, leave a commentat the end of the article! I will answer you as soon as possible.

Finally, if you need more detailed advice, with tailored advice, send an email to valeriadesign@gmail.it and we will find the solution that best suits your tastes! Go to our online portal CasaOmnia.it!

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