Doors and handles are furnishing elements that should not be overlooked. How to choose them? And most importantly, how to match them? People often leave this decision for last, which is not wrong but the choice should be well thought out.

First, doors and handles travel together– they are both part of your home’s style and go hand in hand with your decor. Standard doors usually already come with handles, but they are not always the right ones that best match the interior design of your home. So, here are five useful tips you can follow when choosing doors and handles, for a more harmonious and coordinated environment.


It may seem obvious to write that the first thing you need to do is to have the style of your home clear in your head , but it is not always so obvious. Once you have defined the style, with the prevailing colours, then you can move on to choosing the most suitable furniture and interior doors. And it will be easier to choose the door model that fits perfectly in any room.


Before we get to the delicate choice of handle we need to move on to the door. What kind of door would you like? How can you match it with your decor? There are basically three elements that characterize a door :

– the material it is made of

– any decorations

– the finish of the handle.

There are many variants: wooden doors make interiors warmer and more welcoming, white doors go well with light-coloured furnishings, coloured doors convey personality, if in harmony with furnishing accessories. Are you short of space and want to opt for sliding, folding or folding doors? Don’t forget to provide a free wall section that allows the door to slide.


Handles have now become real design objects, aesthetically beautiful but above all comfortable to hold and ergonomic in their grip. The handle is a fundamental element of the door, which should also be combined with the furniture in the room: it underlines the style, character and harmony. If the door has smooth doors or is made of glass then steel handles are recommended, even more elaborate ones; for wooden doors brass is the most popular but much depends on the finish. Handles in silver, satin or high-gloss shades look good on light wood. For light and bright environments, white doors are the most versatile and less constraining, which can be combined with a light-coloured handle, even in a silver shade.


For a more balanced interior space, it is essential to coordinate the choice of doors and handles in all rooms. They need to look good together with each other and in the overall context of the home. The only exception is the front door which, being the main one and having to be sturdy and secure, can be chosen separately, while maintaining a good balance with the colours, finishes and style of the living room. Finally, for further uniformity, and to complement your interior design, it’s a good idea to coordinate the finish of your door handles with that of your windows.



The last piece of advice is not to be too conditioned, but to let yourself be carried away by your feelings, your personal taste and your inspiration, in order to decide how best to choose the interior doors and handles of your home.


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