Duplex apartment: what it is and how to furnish it, why live in a duplex apartment and what is the best way to decorate it.

What is a duplex apartment? Why are we hearing about it so often lately? And how does a solution of this type come about? Here are the questions we are about to answer so that you can also be prepared to consider this option if you are looking for a home.


Duplex literally means double. When we talk about a duplex apartment we are talking about a solution in which two rooms of different sizes are joined to form a single one. Usually in a duplex apartment there is a clear division between the living and sleeping areas. Usually, the sleeping area is located on an upper floor, the day one on the lower floor, but a lot also depends on the needs.

Sometimes, the sleeping area is located on a mezzanine and open part, other times in a separate room but connected to the lower floor by an internal staircase. It is a type of apartment that can be small or very spacious.

In the first case, it is particularly suitable for young singles or couples, who like to live in a dynamic and essential home. In the second case, it is a perfect choice for those who need to live in double the space, almost two houses in one, with a living area well divided from a sleeping area and greater privacy.



Modern and elegant this duplex apartment with living area on the lower floor and sleeping area on the upper one. The choice of furnishings is very chic, which exploits the huge window using furniture with clean lines but mixing styles, patterns and colors properly. So a sofa with an elegant and square design, colored cushions and the use of glass and mirrors to give even more brightness to the environment. The wavy line of the staircase leading to the upper floor is beautiful.


The choice of combining the warm color of the parquet with the rest of the cold shades of the apartment is particularly happy. The result is an extremely modern environment. White and dark gray walls give a touch of sober elegance to the room and the matching furniture only enhances the sober tone of the apartment.


Light parquet, white walls and furniture, except for very few black elements, which break the continuity and use of glass that gives greater depth to the environment. An elegant, rich and extremely modern duplex apartment, very bright thanks to the arrangement of recessed spotlights.


If the duplex apartment you have chosen is attic, this often happens, then the choice of furniture will be particularly important and linked to the height of the ceiling. In this case, there is a lot of space, but it was still chosen to opt for low furniture, sofas and tables, to optimize the lower part of the apartment. The tones are neutral, dark and opaque parquet and gray walls.


An apartment of this type is very suitable for recreating a delightful relaxation corner. Focus on a wall unit that houses the TV and also acts as a bookcase, in order to save space. And, of course, don’t forget a very comfortable sofa that makes your evenings in the company of your favorite TV series perfect. The beautiful spiral staircase leads to the upper floor and almost disappears, set in the white of the walls.


For this duplex apartment, the focus was firmly on design. The staircase of suspended steps with black handrail and glass railing gives the impression of a suspended, weightless environment, very light. In the lower part there is the living room and the kitchen, divided by a sliding window. Upstairs the bedroom and the study. Everything is embellished by the chandelier formed by thin hanging threads and by a Hi-Tech and minimal furniture.



A mini apartment with a mezzanine part that houses the bedroom and the study, made of raw wood. The lower part houses the living area, with kitchen and bathroom. It is perfect for singles or young couples, who love to share spaces without giving up their intimacy.


Very elegant, also thanks to the refined parquet whose color recalls that of the staircase leading to the sleeping area. This apartment is perfect for those who need large spaces but not to lose sight of even a corner of the house. Downstairs, the living area is divided into a living room and kitchen by the presence of the staircase. The choice fell on white furniture that makes the whole very bright.


If the space you have available is small, then focus on a few basic furniture and white walls, which tend to create the optical illusion of a larger environment.



The beauty of a duplex apartment is also the possibility of a separate sleeping area but in the center of the house. In this case, the upper floor is large enough only to accommodate the bed, but the feeling is that of sleeping in a tree house. A perfect solution if you are short on space.


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