If freedom and courage are core values for you, then you have to love the eclectic style. This style is a mix of styles, among the most disparate among them, but put together with sagacity and creativity, in order to create a balanced and creative atmosphere at the same time. I recommend avoiding too risky combinations that could weigh down the environment or make it uncomfortable.

Eclectic furniture style is a trend that allows you to express and select everything you like and that represents you through different prints, colors, decor pieces and styles, telling a lot about your personality. A real way of living the house and communicating all your heterogeneous tastes. In this article we will show you how to see the eclecticism of your being expressed and how to feel eclectic within your home.


The eclectic style developed at the end of the 19th century in Europe and the United States. This continental connection is the basis of its changing, arbitrary character and difficult to enclose within the four walls of a definition.

As it will be clear by now, the leitmotif of eclecticism is “diversity” and in that period the love for the different and the heterogeneous led to the combination of elements of old style with elements with an exotic flavour thanks to the cultural contamination of the colonies of the time.

It’s not an easy style to incorporate within your environment. The advice is to start from a neutral setting, trying not to weigh down the rooms too much and using furniture and furnishings with extreme freedom, even in unusual and untried combinations. One of the fundamental characteristics of this style is precisely that of experimenting as much as possible.



As far as colours are concerned, it is necessary to intervene by widening the chromatic range: strong colours, strong and slightly irreverent contrasts will make the environment unique. But take care to choose a colour theme for each room to give homogeneity to the whole and to avoid a confused effect. Paint the room or a wall of your choice with strong colours, but strictly in line with your personality.

A heterogeneous discourse is at the basis of the choice also of wallpaper, which can be always different in every room. A philosophy perfectly in line with the fundamentals of eclectic style, where furniture does not follow precise trajectories and does not contemplate a right or wrong way of combining elements.


Let’s see how we can incorporate eclectic style into our home environments. But remember, these are just tips! Everyone is free to experiment as they see fit and make their home unique with their own interpretation of eclectic style.


A functional room like the kitchen to achieve the eclectic effect needs a space that can be habitable.

You can go for the inclusion of a colorful exposed vintage-style refrigerator and the inclusion of tiles with textures and geometric designs that can contrast with the standard kitchen pieces.

After a careful selection of the right pieces, you can focus on an antique wooden table, perhaps with drawers, combined with metal or plexiglass chairs with a more contemporary taste.



A must when it comes to eclectic style living rooms are walls characterized by saturated colors or wallpapers with geometric or floral patterns. In addition, vintage furniture or furniture recovered from markets also play their part in this style, as well as colorful upholstery, oriental rugs and upholstered seating. In a nutshell, any particular object with character is welcome in the eclectic style; the important thing is to be careful to combine everything in a balanced way, without exaggerating.


In the room the rules of “how to choose the colors of the bedroom” will be broken to give free rein to creativity with walls in strong colors and beds with upholstered and colored headboards as an ode to a typical eclectic style.

The fabrics will be vintage style and the curtains characteristic according to the theme decided for the room.

In the bedroom it will also be possible to divert attention to bedside tables that can be in antique style or in metal and use glass cabinets as bookcases.

Of great importance will be the help of compositional elements such as ethnic rugs of various shapes and sizes, lamps with colored bases and the use of prints, illustrations and mirrors with special shapes and a touch of pop.


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