Are you also a fan of eco-friendly furniture and eco design? How many ways are there to live green? Today, thankfully, so many! In particular, when designing or renovating a home, the focus is increasingly on sustainable and eco-friendly solutions.

Thanks also to the advantageous incentives made available by institutions, this type of culture is becoming increasingly widespread. If the time has come to renovate or design your home and you want to do it by adopting solutions of this type, then read on: in the course of the article we provide some interesting ideas and useful tips on how to make a completely sustainable furniture.



When you remodel your home or buy a new one you usually rush right into buying new furniture. In fact, the best way to furnish your home in an eco-friendly way is to use used furniture. So go searching in the attics of grandmothers or relatives for unused furniture. With little economic effort and a lot of imagination you can bring credenza, chests, tables and chairs back to life. Sometimes you just need to change a knob, or change the color of the furniture and it will look like new. Of course we can also turn to flea markets or antiques to find some original pieces. The solution of using used furniture is certainly an eco-friendly choice, but it requires a certain skill in the combination of elements in order not to risk creating a jumble of styles and mismatched elements.


We have already pointed out that one of the most popular materials, in the branch of ecological furniture, is the cardboard. Those who believe that these coatings are fragile and unstable are making a mistake: this option is synonymous with robustness, long-lasting and not very sensitive to wear and tear.

The brands that adopt a green philosophy obtain cardboard from trees using techniques that are themselves “green”, reflecting a deep love for nature. This reduces the expenditure of energy, and limits the exploitation of resources.

Along with cardboard, cork, wood and glass are also often used – mainly for details and finishing touches. These are just as eco-friendly, and allow you to combine design and solidity, versatility and comfort. Such furniture never involves any harmful raw materials, paints or substances.



Another very important aspect from a green point of view is the choice of household appliances, which must necessarily be low consumption (classes A++ and A+++): the higher the class the higher the cost, but at the same time it will be possible to save significantly on the bill and safeguard the environment. Consider it an investment, for you and for nature!

The choice of high-class appliances should also be associated with a responsible use: it is always good, for example, to make sure that dishwashers and washing machines are full before operating them. In this sense, lighting also plays its part: in addition to the aforementioned savings that can be achieved through the use of large double-glazed windows, another useful tip is not to keep the lights on unnecessarily. A small trick, but one that can make all the difference.


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