If you want to give your home a familiar and warm air, decorating in an English style is the right choice. Let’s find out the characteristics of this style.

Are you a chic and elegant person and want to give the same touch to your home too? Think, then, of the English style: warm, familiar and truly unique.

This style also differs in 3 different categories such as modern, classic and country English style. All in full Anglo-Saxon flavor but different from each other.

Furnishing in English style means giving a British touch to your life, making your home become a real welcoming hearth. A place a little out of time but that speaks of you.

Let’s see what are the characteristics of this style of furniture.


When we think of the English style our mind immediately imagines an environment made of very classic and antique dark wood furniture. Obviously, the English style isn’t just that.



First thing is good to start talking about colors. In fact, all the furniture in this style is made of wood, usually ash, walnut and cherry, therefore dark left natural with veins.

This means that you can indulge yourself with the fabrics of the sofas, curtains and English wallpaper to give that personal touch to your home. Even the fabrics, however, must follow the British style and be, therefore, in warm shades or with plaid tartan patterns.


Also for a house in full Anglo-Saxon style you can not do without some fundamental elements.

Wallpaper and boiserie: a romantic and floral wallpaper, even on one wall, will immediately give the British allure that your home needs. Or you can opt for the walnut wood paneling;

Fireplace: if you are lucky enough to own one, cover it with white marble and decorate it with a beautiful wrought iron spark arrester;

Pendulum clock: the pendulum clock, perhaps a column, in wood and glass with a brass pendulum is an accessory that should never be missing;

The showcase: the service of cups, porcelain plates and crystal glasses will make a real impression on the traditional English showcases;

Family portraits: round, oval frames in wood or gilded metal, which enclose the family photos, will immediately give a feeling of warmth to the environment.

Chest of drawers or console: if you have an entrance you don’t have to miss a console or a rounded chest of drawers, with handles in brass, and in dark wood.

Furnishing in English style, however, means above all making the living room the main room, the real highlight. This is where you will live most of the day and where you will spend afternoons with friends and family drinking tea, as English tradition says.

In fact, this room will be the richest, the one that will never seem empty, furnished with taste and class.

If you own an office or study room, you will need to furnish it with not too important dark wood furniture. The kitchen, on the other hand, can be entirely in wood or in masonry with neutral colors.



English-style furnishings are back in trend because they are re-edited in different versions. In fact, the atmosphere and the typical mood of an Anglo-Saxon cottage or residence are a source of inspiration for even the most modern houses.

In addition, whose basis of the English style is always quite classic. In fact, it must be created with aged and antique-looking furniture, to which, however, accessories can be added, such as chairs and chandeliers, with more contemporary lines.

In fact, the modern English style focuses a lot on the elegant aspect, characteristic of classic furniture, but at the same time simple, as required by the modern. It may partly resemble the country one even if it differs from this, more rustic, to focus on a more chic and delicate effect.

For this reason the colors are very sober and delicate, like beige and brown. The bathroom is not subtracted from this fascinating style, like the one proposed in the English Mood collection by Minacciolo.

The bathroom area is in fact designed as a meeting point between the typical elegance of the classic and contemporary comfort. The design that enriches the wood makes every piece of furniture functional without unnecessary excesses in decoration.


If you are tied to tradition and love classic lines, classic English-style furniture is the most appropriate choice.

It is important, however, to keep in mind that in the classic English style the colors are fundamental and that these must be combined with gold-colored details. To create an even more welcoming and elegant atmosphere, simply insert warm lighting into the room and you’re done.

But decorating the house in a classic English style does not mean giving it an austere aura. The few and selected pieces can be alternated with less marked style furniture in order to create a contrast of sure effect.

In addition, among the typical accessories for decorating the living area in this style there are: sofas, rigorously of worn out “capitonné” leather, display cabinets, etc.



British furnishings are very simple, usually made of wood, usually ash, and dyed cream. Among the various variations of this style, the most informal is the English country style furniture with which you can create comfortable and vintage environments.

Furthermore, in furnishing the house in the most classic English country style, attention must also be paid to the choice of colors and accessories. For example, for the living area the sofas must have a solid wooden structure and comfortable padding made with striped fabrics or with floral motifs.

The furnishings for the kitchen will be clear and the country style unquestionably, and very charming and extremely warm masonry solutions can also be adopted.

Finally, the real secret to creating a pure English country style is to give the house a lived-in atmosphere. The English style, for example, is perfect for decorating the kitchen which must be very large and entirely made of wood.

Like the solid oak of the Sandy model by Arrex, for example, which has a country style emphasized by the aged-recovered effect. The English-style wall units have glass doors and the worktops are made of cut stones.

Finally, a touch of class, the combination of blueberry blue paint with the clear wood color of the kitchen, for a unique atmosphere of rare elegance.


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