Which are evergreen plants? Which ones are suitable for decorating your balcony? Discover them with us and give your balcony a more pleasant atmosphere.

To decorate your balcony in the best way, you need a touch of green and what better decoration than evergreen plants? It is certainly the right choice you can make to have an always impeccable balcony that does not show any still life. Evergreen plants aren’t the right choice just because they’re generally hardy to different seasonal temperatures, but mostly because they don’t need a lot of care.

When we usually talk about evergreen plants, we are referring to shrubs that need a lot of soil. In addition, there are also those so called “dwarfs”, which instead are ideal for those who have a balcony of modest size. Before choosing an evergreen plant, remember that you must first consider whether its size and the space it needs. Today with our article we will introduce you to some of them.


It has long green needles that fall in winter but turn yellow-orange during the flowering period which is in May. She can be grown without too much effort, withstands temperatures down to -24 and likes being in the sun. It is a plant that has healing properties, in fact it is able to relieve muscle pain thanks to its anti-inflammatory characteristics.


The dwarf juniper is one of the many varieties of evergreen plants that generally grows as a shrub. The dwarf type, on the other hand, is perfect to keep in pots on the balcony or terrace. Its berries appear green to later turn blue after a year of their appearance.


Known as an aromatic plant to always keep available for its use in the kitchen, it is perfect among evergreen plants also as a decorative plant on the balcony, in fact from March to October it is embellished with small violet flowers.


Heather is an autumn flowering plant with white, pink, purple and red flowers that persist throughout the winter. When the flowers have faded, the plant does not lose its beauty because it remains green.


It is a variety of evergreen pot plants that once grown do not exceed 2 meters in height. It can’t stand the climate that is too hot, but it adapts well to temperatures ranging from 13 to 25 degrees at the most. As it is not very resistant below 13 degrees, it is best to move it indoors during the coldest months, a period in which, however, it does not flower as it is inside the apartment.


The rueillia is a type of tropical evergreen plants which therefore do not like temperatures that drop below 5 degrees. Therefore, if you do not live in a particularly cold place, this plant also resists during the winter month and in drought periods, as it does not need to be watered very often.



Pilea is a small plant that has large bright green leaves. It loves humidity, in fact, to take care of it, you just need to spray water on the leaves, especially when you realize that the air outside is dry. It is among the evergreen plants that do not want too much water and not even too much sun.


The periwinkle is one of the evergreen plants that in the period from May to August is filled with white, red or a particular shade of blue-violet flowers. It prefers highly sunny but airy places, and temperatures ranging from 16 to 26 degrees.



If you love lush plants and have a large enough balcony, you might choose to decorate your balcony with a Japanese maple. It is a plant that needs to be in a large pot and its height can reach up to 3/4 meters. It prefers shady areas and in autumn it explodes in a blaze of red with its bright leaves.


Lavender needs room to grow well, so a large enough pot is fine for her. She likes sunny places, grows tall and produces tiny purple flowers every year that will add color to your balcony. It also has known relaxing properties, so every time you go to your balcony you just need to smell the air to breathe calm.



The domestic nandina is a perfect plant for those who want to give it little care, in fact it is easy to grow and should only be watered abundantly. Withstands harsh winters, and in autumn it turns red with its berries.


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