Do you know how to choose the perfect beds for your kids? For children’s bedrooms, the bed is much more than just a place to rest. Stories, dreams and games alternate, so a bed even for fun will have to be much bigger than we imagine, or smaller but colorful and comfortable.

Children’s rooms should be looked at through their eyes. Probably in our house beds that look like cars or pirate ships will have little to do with the rest of the furniture, but the imagination of our children will certainly benefit.


A caravan is certainly an odd shape for a bed, but anyone who has dreamed of travelling around the world since childhood will probably feel at home. The little door is delightful and lends itself to imagination: if we are in the middle of a forest it will be better to keep it closed. The bed, available in a wide range of colours, is very functional as the mattress can be easily removed. One of the most creative beds ever!


After dinner our children will not go to bed, but will come home so to speak. Yes, a great way to go to sleep feeling fully protected. This original bed has it all: a roof, windows with shutters, a wooden fence to open every morning. Such imaginative beds will give your child the opportunity to have really fantastic dreams.


At least once in our lives we have dreamed of a slide in our room. It is therefore time to at least please our children. This bunk bed, in addition to the usual stairs to climb, has a slide for fun. Ideal for rainy days when we can’t take the kids to the park. Who among you has not dreamed of such beds?


If your kids are feeling a little Pirates of the Caribbean, this bunk bed certainly won’t leave you indifferent. A full-scale pirate ship with a wooden structure then ropes, rudder, flag and sea-related themes. The very dangerous adventures in the Pacific Ocean will fortunately only be a figment of the imagination and confined to the confines of their own beds.


If your kids are in love with Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars, then it will be more than easy to convince them that at 10:30 at night you need to go to sleep. A painted silhouette reminds us of our child’s idol, while on the other side a soft, padded fabric is placed next to the bed to protect against bumps and scratches.


Sleeping in this bed will be like taking an incredible trip to the Wild West. The bed rises off the floor, leaving a space that can accommodate drawers or something else. The wardrobe is also in theme with this timeworn looking wood. The colours suitable for such a room are sand and straw yellow.


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