When you think about your bedroom, you rarely consider the floor and its importance. This underestimation error is common to many and, at times, it can create discordance in their furniture.

In theory, choosing the floor should be the first thought, in addition to the wall coverings. In fact, these two basic elements will be those that will give our bedroom its unique and exclusive identity.


It is important when choosing flooring for the bedroom to pay attention to the style of decor of your home. In fact, it is crucial to create an environment that is homogeneous and balanced, avoiding strong contrasts and dissonances between the various rooms in your home.

In this regard, we propose three styles particularly used in recent times by designers to choose the floor for the bedroom.

The most popular ideas at the moment are:



If your choice falls on the classic, it is important to note what is meant when we talk about this style.

When you enter a classic style environment every element, from the bedroom floor to the furniture, gives a feeling of exquisite refinement.

Upon entering you will witness a triumph of opulence and elegance: retro furniture, upholstered sofas and beds with important headboards. All elements that, chosen with taste and criterion, are able to transmit hospitality and warmth, without instilling severity.

Pursuing this style, as we said above, you need to start with the basics: the floor for the bedroom. What does it look like? What colors should it have? One of the best collections of tiles for bedrooms in perfect classic style is Tele di Marmo By Emilceramica, a tribute to one of the most beautiful, noble and durable materials capable of embellishing the space with elegance and architectural strength.

Emilceramica’s project stems from the idea of reinterpreting a material with the timeless appeal of marble in a contemporary key, thanks to an unconventional choice of sizes, finishes and decorative elements. Four different natural and lapped marbles that find their maximum expression in the sizes of the large slabs, where the veining becomes the absolute protagonist. The fluid movements, the chromatic tones and the nuances in cadence of the different veins, make the marble canvases real works of art.


But, if marble is not your preference, you can also furnish the bedroom with parquet-effect stoneware . A choice that is certainly less impactful than marble but still manages to give the right amount of classicism to the space.

If the floors of the classic style bedroom are par excellence in marble, the walls are undoubtedly cream colored. The two juxtaposed colours create splendid plays of light that underline the elegance of the entire environment: a timeless vintage place. Another fundamental aspect to complete the bedroom is the lighting, which must be distinguished by its warmth and very enveloping colors. On the tiles of the bedroom in the classical style should reflect a light little dazzling, warm and gentle.

As chandeliers we recommend something showy, with an elaborate structure that evokes the style of the past: full, opulent and incredibly detailed.


But let’s try to move to a diametrically opposite style for the bedroom: the modern style. First of all: what do we refer to when we talk about modernity? Designing a modern bedroom means expressing your creativity with an extra touch of style, elegance is an important criterion to be respected, but it is also essential to follow the latest trends in the world of design. The modern style sees the protagonists of the very light colors combined with very dark ones, the minimal design combined with the most sophisticated design: in short, the modern style is a set of contrasts that create a strong balance.

Let’s start, also in this case, from the basics: how should the floor be for the bedroom in modern style? Many solutions are being experimented with to ensure that the environment is absolutely modern: porcelain stoneware flooring for the bedroom is very popular, as are oak parquet and wood-effect porcelain stoneware.


A collection that gives a completely contemporary tone to the bedroom is Provoak by Provenza: it is striking for its naturalness, charm and variety and is inspired by the different processes of oak. The essence of oak and the compact grain of oak give life to this highly versatile collection that makes it ideal for satisfying different areas of taste, especially those of more modern and trendy inspiration. Pure oak is a noble and selected essence with uninterrupted, elegant and harmonious grain lines for a reassuring product with a clean and minimal taste.

The selection of natural reclaimed oak planks gives rooms the charm of the passage of time and surfaces a prominent personality. The brushing process makes the surface soft and silky in various shades of grey. The effect of the burn obtained by the fire flame gives a particular dark shade that enhances the elegance of the surfaces giving great elegance to the environments. The sandblasting process whitens the wood highlighting the grain and giving three-dimensionality to the surfaces. Perfect for creating beautiful contemporary environments.


As written before, for a modern style it is appropriate to play with contrasts: the floor of the bedroom in very dark oak goes well with walls in very light colors. Rosé, more feminine and refined, cream, which associates classicism with modernity, grey or dove grey, the neutral colours that leave room for the stylistic power of the flooring.

Obviously, if the choice falls on laminated wood for the bedroom floors, with lighter and brighter colours, the walls should have a darker look: let’s use colours such as burgundy, dark grey, green or midnight blue. And finally, how do we light a modern bedroom? Simple: the lighting will be cooler while remaining subtle. Instead of the usual chandelier, you can opt for lights with a really trendy effect: spotlights and LED tubes are ideal for a completely contemporary bedroom and in line with current trends.



Have you ever thought about a stone bedroom? It’s all about giving the whole room an industrial look, one of the latest trends. All you need to do is to direct your choice, both for floors and walls, towards stone effect stoneware as the main material.

So you will get a bedroom in perfect “old-fashioned factory” style, a style that has caught on in Italy in recent years. Ergon’s Cornerstone Alpen collection is inspired by the iconic alpine stones. The veining and the material effect recall natural stone and its aesthetic characteristics combined with the best technical features.

Another perfect collection is Provenza’s Ego, inspired by anancestral Mexican stone. The collection is completed by the Trame decoration, which, when combined with the bottoms, allows you to expand your design possibilities and combines beautifully with the Provenza Alter collection for a truly unique mix of wood and stone.


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