Faced with the renovation of a house, the choice of flooring is often the one that takes the most time.

As soon as you begin to investigate parquet, marble, ceramic and porcelain stoneware, the most frequent question is only one. That is, better a single floor for the whole house or different floors depending on the environment?

We are aware that it is not an easy choice, there are many doubts and factors to consider even more. In fact, we are here to give you a hand in the choice that best suits your taste and functionality needs.

Often, in fact, the choice of flooring for a given room is also made on the basis of the function the room will have.

So, before choosing the floor, it is important to have a clear idea of the type of house you really want to live in and to have a clear arrangement of the various rooms and their functions.

We have collected some tips that will help you decide which is the best solution for you and your home.

In addition, the floor is the first thing that catches the eye when entering a house. In fact, often, our arrangement or choice of flooring disturbs our harmonious or simply a sense of taste.


Choosing the floor involves a series of doubts that we are never able to answer with extreme certainty and awareness.

When was the first time you noticed that you didn’t like the floor? The first day you entered your new home? Or maybe you just never noticed it until yesterday and now you can’t help but notice it anymore?

When and what was the reason that led you to think about it – the taste, the wear and the change – you can’t do anything about it now: it’s time to renovate the floors. But before taking tools and hammer in hand, it is appropriate to think about the entire project and the result you want to achieve.

Create a visual division between the living area and the sleeping area? Give in to practicality and reserve different floors for the bathroom and kitchen? Standardize and bring all environments together with a single material? Let’s see what are the advantages of each option.



Over time,the tendency to reserve one or more rooms in the house a different floor has consolidated, depending on the functionality of each environment and the characteristics of each material.

Often in the bathroom and kitchen the use of ceramic tiles has predominated, resistant and easy to clean, while in the sleeping area the choice of terracotta or parquet is increasingly frequent, due to the preference of having less cold surfaces and warmer tones.

Also, not to forget, especially for the bedrooms, the renewed use of fitted carpets. In fact, this type of flooring is perfect for keeping the room warm and giving the idea of absolute intimacy, inside your bedroom.

Some of the latest Interior Design trends enhance for the more adventurous the possibility of differentiating the floors even within the same room, we can mix decorated hexagon and parquet planks together.

This is a risky choice, for the simple fact, that if you do not have a clear vision of the final result, you could risk creating a hodgepodge of different patterns, finishes and materials that in the long run end up getting tired or, even, to disgust.

In fact, our advice, in case you decide to make such a decision, is simply to contact a design expert who can help you balance the use of the different flooring inside the room, in order to create an aesthetic balance that can persist over time.


Instead, those who prefer to rest their eyes on the elegance of a single material will prefer to use a particular type of floor for the whole house.

It is a trend that is taking hold especially in the smaller living spaces, where it uniforms the environments and makes them feel wider. At the same time, however, the single floor also works well in multi-storey housing solutions, giving an idea of continuity to the entire home.

In fact, among the main factors to be taken into consideration when choosing the floor, the size of the house or the various rooms is very important. The size of the home is fundamental in making the choice fall towards one material or another, a single floor or multiple floors, etc.

If you choose the right floor, both for the size of the house and the style of furniture you have decided to follow, you will realize that you can give prominence to spaces that with other choices you probably would not have even noticed.

In fact, for example, an excellent idea is to use a material such as marble, porcelain stoneware or parquet.

Ideal to be used as a single solution is parquet effect porcelain stoneware, which combines the technical properties of stoneware and the beauty of wood. In fact, in recent times, thanks to the countless benefits of such a choice, porcelain stoneware has become one of the most widely used floor materials.

For a single floor it is good to select the size of the tiles according to the size of the spaces and it is also possible to mix the sizes together to give movement to the surface while maintaining homogeneity.

However, if the solutions seem endless, it is advisable to get advice from an expert in the sector. Despite innovations in the field of materials, the risk of repenting for a too risky choice is always around the corner.



So, summing up we can certainly say that the choice of flooring is very important to give a defined identity to your home and environments.

The choice must be driven by awareness of several factors. First of all, personal taste. In addition, the size of the house (or rooms) and the style of furniture to which we have entrusted are also important.

As for the size, in fact, if the size is small, it is not wrong to use the same floor for the whole house, so as not to have clear detachments from the rooms which tend to make the rooms smaller. The continuous floor helps to visually expand the space of the apartment.

With regard to the floor according to the style of furniture adopted, it is important to know that, obviously, each style has its own peculiarities and prefers materials and tiles of a certain type.

For example, for modern, minimal, industrial or Nordic style houses, porcelain stoneware is perfectly suited to the chosen style. Instead, the parquet is perfect for shabby, rustic and, in some cases, even ethnic houses.

If the dimensions are small, it is not wrong to use the same floor for the whole house, so as not to have clear detachments from the rooms which tend to make the rooms smaller.

The continuous floor helps to visually expand the space of the apartment.

In closing, we reiterate our main advice: that is, rely on a design expert in the choice of the floor, both as regards the material and with regard to the fateful question “single floor or not”. In fact, in this way you avoid making mistakes that you will regret and that in the future may cost you dearly (even economically!)


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