It’s never simple to choose the floor for your kitchen. In most cases, it is a choice that undermines the choice of the entire furniture. If you’re overwhelmed with doubts, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will guide you through choosing the perfect kitchen floor.

The key, in this case, to figuring out how to match kitchen and floor is to circumscribe the styles you like and look for cute ideas to copy.

Whatever your taste, moreover, the floor in this room of the house will have to be:

  • easily washable (grease and oil stains are the order of the day)
  • waterproof (the humidity factor, between oven and stove, is always to be taken into serious consideration)
  • resistant (just think of the constant shifting of chairs, just to mention the most frequent circumstance).


The solutions can be many, but we have identified five of the most trendy: practical and innovative ideas to copy, perhaps with some changes and variations.

Let’s see the pros and cons of flooring in:

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The most popular material for kitchen floors is certainly porcelain stoneware: not only because it is resistant and easy to clean, but also because it can reproduce the most popular effects.

Laying stoneware flooring, in short, has only advantages.

For those who do not like joints, moreover, you can opt for rectified tiles or maxi tiles even if the cost, in this case, is bound to rise considerably.

The porcelain stoneware has, for several years now, been considered the the most widely used floor covering in the kitchen; the performance of this material is such that it is often also used for the splash guard to give a uniform style to the whole room, especially if it is an open space.

Generally speaking, this is an extremely versatile material that is suitable for practically any style and, therefore, ideal for those who are undecided until the last minute.

This material is also perfect for those who are reviewing several kitchens with wood-effect flooring but are worried that parquet or laminate might be too delicate.


For those who love modern style, resin kitchen flooring is probably the most practical and functional solution. The total absence of joints makes this material easy to clean and extremely versatile.

Laying resin floors is also quick, economical and suitable for those who want to save on the cost of pre-existing tiles.

In addition to having a very modern look, this material fits perfectly with any type of decor. After choosing the furniture you can in fact indicate a precise shade that is then created ad hoc. The result? A kitchen floor that will last forever, impact or stain proof, super durable and easy to keep clean.


Laminate flooring in the kitchen is a far from obsolete choice, especially for those who love the classic or rustic style but are afraid of the disadvantages of parquet.

Unfortunately, between bumps, stains and scratches the choice of a wooden floor in the kitchen is considered risky, especially for those who have young children and intend to expand the family.

This is where laminate flooring for kitchens comes in, capable of reproducing the rustic style in every way without the classic drawbacks of wood.

Naturally, you will need to choose a quality product that is water-repellent and therefore designed specifically for the kitchen.

Among the advantages of laminate is the fact that it is cheap and easy to install. Among the contraindications, on the other hand, the poor resistance to humidity should be noted.

For this reason, many people, undecided between parquet and laminate, end up opting for wood-effect porcelain stoneware.


If you love bright, shiny and airy environments, marble is the right material for the kitchen floor of your dreams.

As is well known, however, this is a rather expensive tile. As far as durability is concerned, marble is considered to be eternal, but in order to preserve its characteristics for a long time, it is necessary to observe certain precautions.

First of all, acidic substances such as lemon or Coca Cola must be cleaned up immediately, and secondly, non-specific detergents are prohibited. For deep degreasing and descaling, water and steam are the way to go.

In short, adapting an old adage, if you want your kitchen to look good, you’ll have to suffer a little.


If you’re looking for a material that best hides dirt and isn’t afraid of stains or indelible spots, perhaps what you’re looking for isslate.

If your kitchen is single-coloured in light shades or white, you will also have obtained a true masterpiece of design.

Slate kitchen flooring is becoming a cult among architects and interior design enthusiasts, especially for creating striking effects in contrast to white furniture.

The downside? Slate tends to store cold. Although in summer this technical feature might be positive, in winter the feeling can be rather unpleasant.


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