Floral motifs have always fascinated everyone. They give that touch of elegance and class that only flowers can give.

Decorating a wall is always a great way to make the classic old nuancés fall into oblivion once and for all. A wall can be decorated in many ways in order to make the environment more lively and you can indulge your imagination.

Flowers speak a special language. Each species has its own significance, and all have distinctive colors and scents that fill their surroundings. Floral patterns for the home are one of our favorite things. Seasonal flowers in elegant glass vases, bouquets of flowers for special occasions, colourful centrepieces to accompany family dinners.

With flowers you can give life to an infinite number of original creations for your home! Here you will find tips and tricks for using plants and flowers in style and giving your interior a personal touch.


One of the most decorative solutions for your wall is undoubtedly to adorn it with floral patterns or prints. This can be done in three main ways: with flowers directly painted on the wall, with fresh flowers or with fake/paper flowers.

Decorating with fresh flowers can be a challenge as flowers tend to deteriorate over time and you need to take care of them.

To decorate your wall with fresh flowers, we recommend using flowers such as orchids or petunias. To take care of the flowers without letting them wilt, it is advisable to soak the stems in some sponges soaked in water.



Decorating a wall with floral motifs made of paper or other material such as plastic can be a choice of great taste and freshness, especially if combined with large rooms such as the living room or a living room.

As for the procedure previously seen with fresh flowers, even in this case it will be necessary to hang a metal grid in which the flowers are inserted, taking care to properly tie them together with wire or tape.

A collection of dog roses could be excellent for adorning a living room or the entrance wall of a home, giving back the idea of a sort of garden or “natural park”.

In this case, decorating the wall with fake flowers turns out to be much easier than doing it with fresh flowers and the solution is also more durable.


Directly painting flowers or floral patterns on your wall can be a great idea to give your room (such as the living room or kitchen) some special shades to match the furniture and decor.

First of all, intense floral motifs with black, brown or dark blue nuances would be preferable to decorate living rooms, halls and rooms with austere and classy furnishings, for example in Victorian style.

More classic and spring-like floral motifs such as red roses or pink roses with stems can be used in more rustic and less sober environments such as the kitchen, especially if combined with simple and essential furniture and decor.

Another very interesting feature for the coloring of the walls with floral motifs can lie in the use of very bright and vivid colors such as yellow: you can think of painting yellow tulips on a wall and then combine the yellow furniture such as an armchair or a sofa. This special combination is immediately noticed and gives a very nice touch to your venue.


Decorating with flowers and a few other elements allows you to create many different decorations. The variety of colors, sizes and shapes of flowers and plants is vast: you can make original decorations and full of meaning. A garland of flowers for the table, a floral wreath for the door, colorful DIY flower arrangements, eye-catching and sumptuous bouquets in a pretty vase … and if you love the country style, why not decorate the table with wild flowers?

Of course, floral motifs do not only beautify interiors, but can also be used outdoors. On the terrace, on the balcony or in the garden, they create a special atmosphere. The advantage here is that flowers and plants, placed in beds or large pots, will last longer.


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