Furniture manufacturers are often faced with the challenge of designing carefully to furnish small spaces, where space-saving solutions such as a hide-a-bed are required. But when is it good to use a rollaway bed? Convertible foldaway beds are the ideal solution for those who need to save space inside the house, especially if the area is limited. Generally it happens that you employ solutions of foldaway bed to fulfill the dual function of a single environment, which is used as a living room during the day, and if necessary transformed into a sleeping area. Pull-down beds are very useful, therefore, in one- and two-room apartments, in holiday homes that require many beds, in guest rooms.

Let’s discover together our selection of the best models and brands of this type of bed.



Before you answer all the questions and take away all the doubts about rollaway beds you need to know:

  • are also known by other names: convertible beds, folding beds, tip-up beds, folding beds, wall beds, wall-hung beds, hidden beds, space-saving beds
  • sometimes they are there even if you can’t see them: they look like wardrobes, containers and cabinets of all kinds, they camouflage perfectly and reveal their true being only once opened
  • are space-saving furniture and multifunctional furnishings: those who buy some models of hide-a-bed buy at the same time a table, a desk, a shelf, a container.
foldaway beds living room


In order to have more beds in the same space, solutions have been studied over time to deal with emergencies. Today, however, a change in this trend is evident. The living spaces are increasingly reduced and therefore need space-saving solutions generally foldaway beds that allow with a single gesture to have a bed always ready for use. The opening mechanisms of the retractable bed are increasingly technological and precision, allowing in a few seconds to have a bed plan for a quality rest for those who use it. The beds can be single, double or single and a half, drop-down, pull-out or bunk beds. They are made in different materials and with a steel or wooden frame, upholstered or lacquered.

functional foldaway bed wall


The typical characteristics of a foldaway bed are inherent safety, reliability, ease of use, comfort, modularity, space saving. These are the characteristics contemplated in many types of foldaway beds: let’s discover them together. The hide-a-bed is an element that can be concealed by a wall in the living area. This element proposes a folding solution for the sleeping area which, when not in use, can be closed inside the wall, disappearing completely. There are many possibilities for single foldaway beds. Starting from the classic bed that has a pull-out chest of drawers with mattress underneath, there are also wall-mounted drop-down solutions.


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