Do you know how to choose the furnishing accessories for the living room? To furnish the house in the best way, it is essential to accessorise the apartment with objects that make living pleasant. It is an ever growing category of the design sector. In fact, specialized shops are multiplying that sell only furnishing accessories. To make sure you make a good choice, follow our useful tips.

You often hear about furnishing accessories, but what is the real meaning, what is it about? It refers to a series of accessories that make the environment more functional but above all beautiful. Think about the living room: how poor would it look if it housed only the sofa and the TV? Or what if there were only a table and chairs in the dining room? Centerpieces, original lamps, room air fresheners, watches, umbrella stands, shoe racks. All this and much more are the furnishing accessories.

The living room is the beating heart of every home, the place to receive guests, get together with the family and relax after a long day. More than the other rooms, the living room tells who we are and how we live, through small objects and furnishings. Sometimes, however, some living rooms, even after having furnished them, are bare and anonymous or, even worse, aseptic.

In this article we will see how to give a touch of character and personality to the living room and renew it through the wise use of modern and original furnishing accessories.

Often it is enough to place a design object in the right place and in a moment the living room turns into a unique and welcoming modern environment.

But how to choose the right accessories for a modern style living room? From lamps to rugs, from low-cost furnishings to luxury accessories, you will discover all the tips to have a modern and trendy living room.


The rugs are perhaps the furnishing accessory par excellence, an essential element capable of making the living room warmer and more welcoming. Whether it’s in cotton, wool or synthetic fibers, it doesn’t matter: the carpet furnishes and makes any environment pleasant. Often choosing the most suitable one is not easy, so as not to make mistakes better to follow some fundamental principles.

Dimensions: When you decide to buy a carpet, before choosing the color, shape and material, focus on the dimensions. The ideal carpet must be proportionate to the size of the living room. In fact, it must not be too large, because it would weigh down the room, nor too small, because it would risk looking like a doormat.

You can place it in front of the sofa, or use it to ideally separate the rooms: the living room from the kitchen, the relaxation area from the dining area and so on.

The style: it must be chosen taking into account first of all the style of the living room, your personal taste and the available budget. There are numerous models on the market with very different characteristics. From practical shaved or corded models, modern, light and easy to wash, to the soft shabby rugs, which require greater care and maintenance. In a modern-style living room, Persian rugs, too austere and suitable for classic furnishings, must be abolished.

The choice is truly wide and the costs vary greatly in relation to the materials and construction.

The color: the carpet must match the colors of the room, if your living room is tone on tone, you can dare with a contrasting color, to liven up the environment. If the room is small, or the floor is dark, it is better to choose a carpet with light and bright tones.

If you are an eclectic person, and you love colors, you can opt for complements, rugs with geometric and modern patterns, provided that the textiles are in solid colors.



Modern floor lamps are an excellent piece of furniture that, in addition to integrating the lighting in the living room, give a touch of design to the environment. The floor lamps in modern style unlike the classic ones, adapt to any environment, are versatile and enhance the space in which they are inserted.

There are numerous types of designer lamps on the market, made with innovative materials, iridescent colors and extravagant shapes. All accessories that contribute to the furnishing of a modern and impactful living room.

Choosing a design lamp and placing it in the right place can certainly make the difference and completely renew the appearance of your living room.


Even simple shelves, if placed side by side and combined together, can become original and modern decorative elements. Fashion has also dictated trends in these furnishing accessories, transforming the shelves from simple shelves to real design objects. For a modern-style living room, we advise you to focus on creative shelves, with original and unusual shapes.

Modular and versatile shelves, made with innovative materials, which leave space for imagination. These furnishing accessories offer the possibility of infinite combinations, transforming the living room into a young and cheerful environment.


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