A modern stylus, technological, made of curved and broken lines . The futuristic style was born several years ago, but it comes back in trend modernizing itself from decade to decade, proposing each time the image of a design projected on technological innovations.


Futurism was born in Italy, in the early years of the twentieth century and was presented to the world thanks to the manifesto of Tommaso Marinetti. The futuristic style rejects conventions and embraces every possible revolution and technological evolution. Over the years it has spread to all types of art, including: painting, sculpture, theater, music, dance and architecture. Finally, this movement comes to influence design as well, constituting a true style of interior design.



Suitable for every place in the house, the futuristic style attracts the movie buffs and science fiction TV series, all those who imagine decorating their homes inspired by futuristic scenarios set in space. This style represents the transposition of the futuristic avant-garde in the interior design, and manages to merge the creativity that distinguishes the futuristic movement, with a minimalist style.


The furniture that is created and chosen for the futuristic style follows creative, yet regular shapes. In addition, they are mainly made from metal, glass, plastic and in some cases leather. In fact, the inspiration is drawn from sci-fi movies, and this is well evident in the choice of any additional decorations within the living rooms or bedrooms. As for the colours, the choice falls mainly on white, grey, silver and black, as a base, to which are added hints of lime, blue, yellow and red.


Futuristic style lighting is always a key part of the decor, as it helps to recreate the sci-fi atmosphere that is sought after with this type of decor. Green light then to LED lights of all shapes and sizes, which shades of red, yellow, blue and green.


A futuristic style living room is spacious, bright and furnished with furniture with curved lines, which enhance the dynamism of this part of the house. Even the most classic furniture is reinterpreted in a modern key: with armchairs and vases suspended next to the sofa. The angular lines are also exploited, forming convenient shelves on which to place books and other objects.



A futuristic style kitchen follows the lines of the living room, with polished marble cabinetry and all the most high-tech appliances you could want. These are well integrated into the aesthetics of the furniture, so that they are perfectly camouflaged with the furniture.


For the sleeping area, the focus is on beds with superstructures that include lights and screens, allowing you to have internet, movies and more without moving from your bed. Technology is the key element of this style in every room.


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