Have you recently returned to work and want to start the new year by giving your workstation a personal touch? Have you thought about using original office gadgets to make your desk unique? If you haven’t done so yet, then you can start thinking about it right now, because your work table is an important element of your professional performance.

Having a well-organized workstation, and perhaps equipped with hi-tech accessories, means being able to do your job in the best possible conditions. But adding a touch of style, perhaps with a gadget that is useful and fun at the same time, will definitely help you gain that lightness that is sometimes needed during long days at the office.


Let’s face it. In recent decades office furniture has been increasingly oriented towards minimal design and cutting-edge technology, trying to offer furniture and furnishings that could make the work environment as welcoming and useful as possible. Needless to stand here and explain why the nice office gadgets are enjoying so much success in recent years. They are useful, aesthetically pleasing and bring a smile to your face even on the hardest and most tiring of days. Here is a selection of desk items that you can give to yourself or to your colleagues, so as to relax your nerves during working hours.


Not very technological, but very funny, the desk holder is the inevitable gadget in the office “since the dawn of time”. To date, there are all shapes and sizes. Of all of them, the funniest is undoubtedly “Butt Station”, a little man that allows you to keep pens, scotch and post-it notes handy. But not just any little man, but a character sitting on the toilet, holding a roll of scotch in his hands and a pen in his mouth. A gadget that makes you smile, we confirm. Like this one, there are others in the shape of a dog, cat, samurai, hedgehog and anything else you can imagine.


Perfect for the hottest summers, when working in front of the computer becomes a real agony. Here’s one of those office gadgets that’s both fun and useful at the same time: a small desk fan that can run on batteries or USB. Comfortable, fun and most of all cooling.


It’s called “Ethergraf”, and it’s the pen that really never ends. How is it possible that this gadget never runs out? Simply because the tip of the pen is made of an innovative metal alloy, which lightly scratches the paper, oxidizing it and leaving a light stroke very similar to the one usually traced by ink. Unlike this one, though, it doesn’t end.


Staying in the same room for many hours without opening a window is not good for your health. Now, however, you can put a pot on your desk containing one of the many plants that purify the air: aloe vera, ficus benjamin, areca palm and philodendron, to name a few. Even better if your vase looks like a Tyrannosaurus Rex, so you can make your environment not only cleaner but also more fun.


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