If you love spending time in the backyard sunbathing, you know how uncomfortable it can be to have to go into the house to use the shower. If you have already found yourself in this situation, the right accessory to solve the problem is a garden shower, ideal for cooling off quickly without getting dirty at home.

Imagining the advantages of a beautiful garden shower is very simple, what is difficult, however, is to understand which one is right for you!

In fact, there are several variations on the market, each with different characteristics and functions that can often confuse ideas.

First of all, to clarify,traditional garden showers should be distinguished from solar ones. Traditional garden showers require various hydraulic connections from below which allow the supply of hot and cold or only cold water.

Alternatively, it is possible to install column mixers external to the shower to also provide hot water.

But let’s see what you need to know to find the most suitable garden shower for you.


In order to choose a garden shower well, several criteria must be taken into account. Starting from the frequency of use. In fact, in the case of occasional and “nomadic” use, a removable shower is the most suitable.

On a tripod or platform, this type of shower is transportable and removable, which allows you to easily store it in a corner of the garage.

Solar showers allow you to heat water naturally in the sun and have a tank for this purpose – with a volume of 20, 30 and 40 l.

If the shower must integrate into the surrounding environment and ensure almost daily functionality, such as a shower installed near the swimming pool, you must opt for a garden shower on a base.

In this case, it is better to combine the aesthetics of the shower with the garden furniture and the swimming pool.

The presence of a tap, used mainly for rinsing the feet, is very practical. The water is fed through the connection of an irrigation hose.



The manufacturing materials, accessories, power supply, positioning and installation are also elements to be taken into consideration to make the right choice.

For greater solidity, opt instead for aluminum or PVC. Similarly, for greater comfort, some models have a mixer that allows you to adjust the water temperature.

The tank capacity determines the volume of hot water available. The larger it is, the longer the time during which hot water will be available.

The water jet can be adjusted on some models, the shower head can be extendable and the rod adjustable in height.

In addition, the water supply can be carried out starting from a simple irrigation pipe or through a direct connection to the drinking water system.

Remember that it is forbidden to feed the garden shower through a rainwater collector.

The preferred positioning must be ideally sunny for most of the day.

For the installation of fixed showers, a stable and flat support must be chosen. They must then be screwed onto a solid base and it is better to provide a drain at the foot of the shower.


A fundamental aspect in choosing the perfect garden shower is its composition. Being an outdoor element it is necessary that the material is of excellent qualitybecause it resists the summer heat, showers and any changes in temperature at night.

In this regard, there are different options that meet all needs.

In fact, it ranges from practicality and simplicity of cleaning, to resistance to corrosive agents and the cost-effectiveness of the material which affects the final price of the shower.

Let’s see some options together.


It is an alloy of stainless steel considered among the most resistant on the market today. In addition to Carbon, the AISI 316L contains Nickel, Chrome, Titanium, Niobium and Tantalus, elements that allow it to maintain decisive technical properties.

Furthermore, thanks to the particular characteristics of this metal alloy, the garden shower acquires total resistance to any phenomenon of corrosion and salt.

Finally, it guarantees a high hygienic coefficient and makes it extremely easy to clean, as well as giving it a special mirror polish.

AISI 304

Also known as 18/10 stainless steel, it is characterized by a high resistance to the corrosive action of water and limestone.

In fact, it is an excellent ally in fighting the formation of bacteria and mold, thanks to its high resistance to limescale deposits.


It is a ductile metal with a silver color, light and very resistant to oxidation.

This material is used in the realization of many components and, thanks to its high diffusion, it is very economical.


It is a thermoplastic resin very resistant to oxidation and degradation, free of toxic components and safe for health.

Unlike other plastic resins, PVC has a high heat resistance and it is for this reason that its use is widespread for the realization of traditional and solar garden showers.



Once you’ve got an idea of the material and functionality you can’t give up comes the fun part: selecting the design. To help you in your choice, first identify the ideal location where you would like to install the shower. If you have a swimming pool it may be obvious to decide to place the structure on theedge of the pool or in the adjoining spaces, but if you have available alot of space you could also consider the realization of a more privatead hoc area.

Once the usable surface has been established, the second step is to select the model that will fit perfectly within the prepared frame.

As anticipated, there are different models and types but, for our article, we wanted to give space to productsmade in Italy that express the quality and excellence of our country.


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