How to decorate your home in Gothic style? Here are lots of design tips for all rooms, from the living room to the bedroom via the kitchen and bathroom. This very refined furnishing style is characterized by dark and vaguely dark atmospheres, depending on how it is interpreted. Let’s find out how to use it in your own home.


How to decorate your home in Gothic style? Here are the best design tips for all rooms of the house. Gothic furnishings were mainly inspired by religious architecture characterized by round arches, pillars, buttresses, carved decorations of natural elements, animals and human figures. These figures become the strong point of furniture in this style, predominantly of oak and walnut.

The characteristic atmosphere of this kind of furniture is mysterious and elegant at the same time, rather dark although there are modern reinterpretations that bring a touch of brightness. In some cases it is reminiscent of horror furniture, especially when declined in very dark and macabre tones.



Gothicand dark style furniture is a successful combination because the gothic style lends itself to macabre reinterpretations. The dark colours, due to the use of oak and walnut wood, are well suited to dark contexts, not to mention the often heavy decorated fabrics.

In this case, however, it is necessary to favour one colour in particular, black, which becomes the absolute protagonist. So you can insert total black curtains, equally dark carpets, perhaps with special patterns, black or at least dark gray sofas and armchairs.

Old furniture will be opulent, decorated with friezes and gragoyles, mysterious creatures typical of this style. In dark gothic decor the walls tend to be dark, from black to purple, from blue to grey. Alternatively you can cover them with dark wallpapers.

Important are the decorations and objects in the dark style furniture, which must reflect a dark taste. For example, more or less modern skulls, animal horns, “naturalia” and “artificialia” worthy of a domestic Wunderkammer, antique mirrors, original candlesticks, soft lighting are perfect.

In the kitchen the furniture will always be of dark wood and the chairs upholstered with precious fabrics. Also here, as in the gothic bathroom, it is preferable to paint the walls with dark tones, going from black to purple. In the bathroom do not miss a large mirror with inlaid frame.


Modern Gothic style furniture is always characterized by dark and elegant atmospheres but in this case furniture and decorations have a contemporary touch. It is no longer essential to use wooden furniture, other materials can be used as long as the workmanship echoes the traditional Gothic mood.

Columns and pointed arches are ideal in a Gothic house as are very high ceilings. Obviously this aspect cannot be changed later, at most you can take it into account if you have to buy a house and you prefer this style.

However, there are a few tips you can follow to slim down the room, for example using floor-length curtains and hanging them as close to the ceiling as possible. Also welcome are very tall bookshelves and other details placed high up in order to create an optical effect that slims the room.

A nice idea for the floor is the classic wood or you can bet on the checkerboard, which in addition to being original well suited to contemporary contexts. We advise you to use imposing but modern chandeliers in the different rooms, instead of preferring antique ones.

You can also introduce completely different pieces of furniture, perhaps more essential and contemporary, to give the whole a modern touch. Ditto for carpets, use models with sophisticated yet cutting-edge designs. In the kitchen, favour lacquered furniture and dark coloured walls.

The furniture itself will need to have dark tones. In the bathroom there is no shower but a tub with feet, surrounded by an essential environment and dark colors. A large mirror with inlaid frame will complete the room and if you want, you can also add an armchair.



As we have seen classic Gothic style furniture is carved with decorations inspired by natural forms, animals or the human being himself.

The traditional ones are made of oak or walnut, therefore dark, because this type of wood is easier to carve and guarantees better results. As for the shapes, it is important that they are excessive, that they do not go unnoticed.

However, if you want a more modern touch, then you can go for furniture that imitates this style, made from new materials instead of the classic wood. Wrought iron is also a popular material used in gothic furniture, for example for the four-poster bed, a must have in the gothic room.

Gold inlays give the furniture a touch of elegance that may not fit the Gothic-Dark context, but would suit the traditional Gothic home.


Thefirst thing to do for a dark medieval style decor is to modify the whitewalls a bit, for example by inserting exposed stones, both natural and not.

Perfect in this type of home are wooden shelves finished with wrought iron, brass candlesticks and iron and glass lamps. The furniture is made of wood, in this case not too elaborate, and the windows, if possible, should be provided with internal wooden doors, to be opened and closed as desired.

As for decorations, you could place a knight bust with armor, helmets or modern themed items in some corner of the living room. In the bedroom, choose a four-poster bed in wrought iron or dark wood with curtains.

Antique tapestries will adorn the walls. Finally, remember that in this type of furniture there is no room for excess, the furniture is imposing but essential. Even the kitchen and the living room should not be filled with too much junk, dark wood will always be the master.

In the bathroom, aim for simplicity and place a suit of armour in a corner. With brass candelabra and dark and white candles try to create a soft atmosphere.


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