It’s time to get back in shape after the holiday revelry: what better time to organize your own home gym? Pastries, dinners and lunches: during the holidays it is impossible to resist and inevitably you end up putting on a few pounds. To regain your lost shape, all you need to do is make a few small sacrifices, eat a healthy diet and do some physical activity.

With the cold weather and restrictions, however, working out seems almost impossible, but by setting up a gym in the living room we could do the exercises right at home.

Here are our tips for creating a prefect home fitness corner.


Before buying exercise equipment, it is important to choose the room or place where we want to set up our gym.

The best room is the one with a window to ensure the recycling of air, also must have the necessary space to install a closet in which to put all the tools so as to have an environment in order and train safely.

Those with limited space in the home may choose to dedicate a corner of the bedroom or living room for the gym. In this case, to make it functional, the best choice is a complete machine that allows you to do a total body workout.



The environment in which we decide to train must be comfortable and the lighting plays a fundamental role in preventing any type of injury.

If you have a large window, then natural lightis the best way in which to accomplish our workout session in the gym. Alternatively, in the case of a room with little light, we can opt for a LED lamp that will recreate the perfect sunlight to give us the right energy without excessive costs in the bill.


Creating a home gym doesn’t mean resorting to expensive renovations to make the right floor. In order to have a functional environment, we must have a shockproof, non-trauma and non-slip coating designed to provide stability. The use of rubber panels or non-slip mats will allow us to exercise comfortably without stressing our joints and knees.



As far as muscle toning is concerned, the offers on the market are extremely varied, ranging from sophisticated multifunctional equipment to the most basic benches on which to train with dumbbells and barbells. If you are a beginner, it is advisable to perform strength exercises on equipment that offers guided movement and safe posture, preventing you from performing the movements incorrectly. As you gain some practice you can move on to using cable machines, which allow more freedom of movement, and free weights. However, it is important to be guided by the following criteria when choosing gym equipment:

  • the height and load adjustments must be easily adaptable to the characteristics of the trainer;
  • the tools must be solid and stable even when using heavy loads;
  • In multi-purpose tools the load must move smoothly without friction;
  • the seats must be ergonomic and comfortable;
  • We recommend the purchase of equipment that guarantees specialised telephone or internet consultations on personalised training programmes and a direct technical assistance service in the event of breakdowns;
  • the user manual, easy to consult in the language of one’s own country, should be accompanied by a multimedia support that illustrates the correct execution of the exercises.


Treadmills, exercise bikes, step machines, ellipticals, stair climbers, and rowing machines fall under the category of gym cardio equipment. Before purchasing, it is advisable to check certain features for functionality, security and performance. The investment will be safe and worthwhile if the tool meets a number of requirements, some of which are not always so obvious:

  • Safety: the product must guarantee reliability and ease of use for all levels of users, whether they are beginners or experienced users;
  • sturdiness: if you want to exercise comfortably and, above all, without discomfort to the joints, the equipment must be solid and stable but also quiet and fluid in movement;
  • possibility of controlling the heart rate: optimal the CPR (Constant Pulse Rate) band to be worn on the chest;
  • Intelligent” display: allows the user to view in real time and with immediacy the heart rate, calories, effort level, elapsed time;
  • easy and intuitive adjustments: make it easy to enter, position and set up the exercises without the need for acrobatics or awkward movements;
  • fitness test: the product is able to identify in an accurate and personal way, the most suitable level of training;
  • quality and assistance: buying from a company that offers specialized advice and direct technical assistance guarantees immediate answers and efficient support in case of requests for information on use, training advice and possible malfunctions;
  • user manual: a guide to the characteristics and use of the product, easy to consult and available in the language of the country of purchase.

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