The Nordic peoples have a very particular relationship with light. In fact, in summer the sun never seems to set, while in the winter months the hours of natural light become few and precious. This is also reflected in the Nordic style that sees its heart in the lighting of the house.

Northern European designers also have a very special relationship with lighting. In fact, this focuses on bringing as much natural light into the house as possible and creating a hygge effect with the use of different light points.

Even before choosing chandeliers and light bulbs, we can rely on some tricks to enhance natural light in the home.

  • Furniture and furnishing accessories with clean and symmetrical lines. The height of the room is exploited lightly, without accumulation of unnecessary objects or details, so that the rooms are spacious and comfortable.
  • Light and neutral colors. White, pastel blue, cold gray are some of the colors that can be used to make rooms bright and highlight furnishings.
  • Walls and floors. Natural wood parquet, a few rugs and light walls are the key to enhancing the natural light that comes from outside.

Hygge, a Danish word that we now know well. Five letters to describe that feeling of intimacy and peace that is experienced in moments of comfort and good company. To create a true hygge atmosphere, in fact, it uses floor and table lamps, inserting different light points that will make the house more welcoming.

In addition, you can also use hanging lamps to create this Nordic style effect, the important thing is that they are not too bright.

Sometimes, though, you need to have a stronger light available. In fact, in this the dimmers come in handy, which will allow us to adjust the brightness according to the needs.



There are numerous types and models of lamps, all very different from each other. This variety is essential in order to fully satisfy the different aesthetic and functionality needs of the various customers.

Let’s see together what are the different models of lamps to decorate your home in Nordic style!


To create discreet and functional lighting, floor and table lamps are the ideal choice. Make them protagonists of the room, do not hide them in a corner on the side of the sofa, but place them near the dining room table without fear. Thanks to the elegance of the Nordic style, in fact, they will be an important detail that creates an elegant and refined atmosphere with a Nordic flavor.

The Danish brand Le Klint, for example, offers versatile solutions in the Carronade series, created in collaboration with the young Swedish design talent Markus Johansson. The floor and table lamps are designed to meet the needs of everyday life, thanks to spotlights and adjustable heights.


Suspension or ceiling lamps are also present in the Nordic style, but forget the classic light bulb as the only source of light! This type of lamp, in fact, is available in a wide variety of choices.

In the versions of Le Klint and New Works they are suitable for all environments, including the kitchen and even the bathroom.

Pendant lights are used above kitchen islands, dining tables and stairs, but recently we have seen increasingly innovative ways of using them.

A few examples? Hanging next to the bed, above the bedside table: a little-seen solution that helps save precious space. Or inside the bathroom, next to the mirror or above the bathtub.



As we have seen down here, the Scandinavians love the outdoors. Enhance your outdoor spaces with ecological and modern lighting, designed to reduce the impact on the environment such as Eva Solo’s SunLight Bell.

A lamp with integrated and completely hidden solar cells, dated of a unique design perfect for Nordic style design.


As reported by Meik Wiking, the author of the book “Hygge. The Danish way to happiness“, many Danes light candles at least four days a week. A nice habit to adopt even if you don’t live in Denmark, especially in the coldest months of the year!

The candles create a warm and reassuring light and change the atmosphere of the room as soon as they are lit, bringing a little more magic. The Ester & Erik brand offers designer scented candles, inspired by the essences of Nordic landscapes. In fact, they are perfect for a romantic dinner in the dining room or a relaxing hot bath.

It also lights up the windows and passageways, such as a staircase, a corridor or a front door: the charm will be guaranteed throughout the house!


The first thing that strikes you when entering a house in Stockholm or Copenhagen is the high number of windows. During the winter it gets dark very early, so when there is light you have to make the most of it, with large windows and skylights.

In addition, it is important that there are no heavy curtains, but fabrics that are able to pass the light, while maintaining privacy.

Finally, in the countries of Northern Europe, man has always had to work with what nature had to offer. This is reflected, in fact, also in the Nordic style interior design, strongly influenced by a severe Nature, not very fond of the superfluous.

Nordic designers also often use wood and natural fibers for their projects, aimed at giving a feeling of well-being and relaxation. In Le Klint’s Carronade lamps, for example, modern aluminum meets walnut and oak, in a fresh and contemporary result.


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